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Here you can find a wealth of paper quilling inspiration, tips, tricks, resources, and tutorials! Browse below for the latest posts, search the menu at the top for specific subjects, or choose a category from the drop down menu in the right sidebar to explore the site.  Have a question about paper quilling?  Contact me and I’ll be happy to help out!

Winding up the Year

I’m still on vacation in Wisconsin with my daughters, visiting my family.  We’ve been having a great time sledding, building snowmen and snow forts, tromping through the woods, playing games, playing with all of my old childhood toys, baking, and much...

Halloween Paper Quilled Jewelry from Around the World

Several weeks ago I did a round up post on paper quilled peacock jewelry.  I’ll be doing more of these round up type posts each month, so here’s another one for you today! Today I want to share with you some other great Halloween quilled earrings I have...

About Me

My name is Honey and I love paper quilling! Here on this blog I share resources, tips and tricks, and tutorials for paper quilling. I also showcase my own quilling designs.




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