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Here you can find a wealth of paper quilling inspiration, tips, tricks, resources, and tutorials! Browse below for the latest posts, search the menu at the top for specific subjects, or choose a category from the drop down menu in the right sidebar to explore the site.  Have a question about paper quilling?  Contact me and I’ll be happy to help out!

Paper Quilled Flamingo and Rabbit

Take a peek at a couple cute paper quilled animal designs for a flamingo and a rabbit! Use them to decorate magnets, pendants, scrapbooks, frames, and more!

Paper Quilled Peace Dove Magnet

This paper quilled dove magnet is both useful and beautiful! Read on to find a few tips about making one for yourself.

Trying Some New Sealants

I have ordered a new sealant and a new topcoat to try out with paper quilled jewelry!

Places to Buy Quilling Supplies

Looking to purchase some quilling supplies? Wondering which online stores carry what you are looking for? Take a look at this page to help you find what you need!


Here are some great quilling supplies currently on sale on Amazon.com!


Are you on pinterest?  If so, you know how addicting it […]

Get Double the Use From Your Mini Mold

The mini mold is a great tool when you want to make 3D quilled designs. But what if you could have TWO mini molds for the price of one! Find out how!

Jeweltone Quilling Papers with and without Mica Watercolors

It is fun to experiment with new and unique quilling papers! See how jeweltone papers from Lake City Craft look and some examples of projects that you can make with them. Also see how they look when they have mica watercolors added to the edge for even more flair!

Persian Carpet Design Paper Quilled Frame

This is one of my earlier frame designs, which I based on a Persian carpet design. I loved working with all of the little details and choosing a color scheme.

About Me

My name is Honey and I love paper quilling! Here on this blog I share resources, tips and tricks, and tutorials for paper quilling. I also showcase my own quilling designs. My current passion is making paper quilled jewelry so there are many designs and tutorials for that. Let me know if there is anything you'd like to see a blog post about!




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