What, you thought I was done with the Halloween posts? ¬†Almost, but I just had to squeeze one more in ūüôā

If you are new to the blog and interested in Halloween jewelry tutorials, be sure to check out my paper quilled witch hat earrings tutorial as well!

So this isn’t a unique tutorial today, but it is is based off of the pumpkin earrings tutorial that I posted earlier this month. ¬†I used the same pattern except it used a bit more orange paper for the base, to fill in the ring tray exactly. ¬†I’ll list all of the supplies below.

Halloween Jack O' Lantern ring - modern paper quilled jewelry - free pattern from Honey's Quilling

Several weeks ago I was experimenting with different sealants inside of ring trays. ¬†You can view that post here.¬† In that post I noticed that when using gold edge paper, the Diamond Glaze sealant didn’t give the best color effect (though it did give the hardest finish which was nice). ¬†I wanted to see if this was the same with other colors, so I tried a pumpkin ring!

I’m glad to report that the Diamond Glaze¬†worked perfectly over these colors with no running of colors, no discoloration, etc. and with a nice hard finish. ¬†Find diamond glaze¬†at¬†Scrapbook.com, Blue Moon Scrapbooking,¬†or on Amazon.

Halloween Jack O' Lantern ring - modern paper quilled jewelry - free pattern from Honey's Quilling

Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin Ring Instructions:


  • One¬†72-96″ strip of orange¬†paper ¬†‚Äď 1/8‚Ä≥ (3mm) width (the length you need depends on the thickness of your paper and the size of your ring tray)
  • one 12‚Ä≥ strip of black paper ¬†‚Äď ¬†narrow (1/16‚Ä≥, 1.5mm) width ‚Äď for eyes and mouth
  • glue (My favorite is PPA which you can find¬†at¬†Custom Quilling,¬†or¬†here on Amazon)
  • sealant for making your earrings water resistant (click here¬†to read more about some different sealants you can use with ring trays). ¬†I used diamond glaze here.
  • 1 circle inset ring blank (find them here on Amazon)
  • A piece of styrofoam to stick your ring into so that it is flat while you are working on it and it is drying.


Instructions for Making the Pumpkin:

  • The photos and steps for making this jack o’ lantern are all in this previous post, so check it out!
  • The only differences are that here you will be making only ONE pumpkin instead of two, and instead of making a top, you insert it into your ring tray.
  • To make the base the perfect size for your tray, keep rolling until you can see that your base is a little too big. ¬†Then keep unrolling and testing to see if you can fit it into the tray. ¬†Be careful that you don’t let it unroll during this procedure. ¬†You don’t have to put it all the way in, just enough to see whether it would fit or not. ¬†Once you see that it would fit perfectly, tear off the end, glue your paper down, and check once more. ¬†If it is a tad too big you still have a little time to rip off the end that you just glued and take off some of the paper. ¬†If it is a tad too small, just add a bit of paper to it.
  • Once your paper base is the perfect size and is glued shut, it’s time to glue it into your ring tray. ¬†You can see the photo instructions for that in this post for another ring tutorial. ¬†Basically you use your chosen sealant and apply a thin layer to the inside of your ring tray. ¬†Press your base piece into the ring tray snugly. ¬†Apply sealant over the top and edges and allow it to fully dry while stuck in a piece of styrofoam to keep it steady.
  • For this pumpkin ring I applied the diamond glaze by squeezing it on and just spreading it around a bit with the tip of the bottle. ¬†If you wanted a thinner topcoat you can use a paintbrush to paint on the sealant. ¬†Some sealants/glazes can also be mixed with water. ¬†(note, PPA does not mix with water well in my first experiment which you can see here). ¬†Diamond glaze does say on the bottle that it can be mixed with water. ¬†If you mix with water, use a paintbrush to apply. ¬†You’ll get a thinner layer of glaze. ¬†I have yet to try it, but I plan on it soon!
  • Once your ring is dry, enjoy!

Halloween Jack O' Lantern ring - modern paper quilled jewelry - free pattern from Honey's Quilling


Have you done any Halloween crafts this year yet?  Share in the comments!   I live in Malaysia where Halloween is not widely celebrated, but it is more celebrated now than it was when I moved here 11 years ago.


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