I’m starting a fun new series (it will be posted once or twice a month) where I share some inspirational quilling designs (Quillspiration!) that I have found around the web.  Sometimes there will be a theme (like this week’s theme of jhumka earrings) and sometimes there will be a mix of awesomeness.  I used to post random quillspiration photos on my facebook page, which people enjoy, and decided to bring the party to the blog as well!

So I have spent a long time searching around for today’s best jhumka earrings!  There were actually more that I found that were really cool and I wanted to add here, but I only added the jhumkas whose owners I could find.  So each photo below is linked to the artist’s facebook page or blog.  Click and view more of each artist’s work on their own page.  A few of them are even linked to tutorials, read the descriptions to find the links!

The first time I saw the style of quilled jhumka earrings with the holes punched was by Pritesh from Quilling Me Softly.  Here is one of her grand pieces with not only dangles, but also double layered, AND a design effect on it.  On her blog she links to another post where she shares a tutorial for how to make the designs.  So awesome!

In this post, Pritesh shares a tutorial for how to get this awesome antique effect on your quilled jhumka earrings.  Check it out!

I love the peacock dangles on this quilled jhumka by Bella Creations!

I had to add a second pair by Bella Creations.  These are unique in that there are flat tight rolls all the way around the base.  Fun and colorful!
When you make your jhumka earrings you don’t have to make them in the typical dome shape, you can make them more conical like these by Honeydew Collections.  Lovely!

These angular jhumka earrings are beautiful!  I haven’t yet tried to make angular jhumkas, but I imagine it can be tricky to get them to be symmetrical. These are from SaiSharan creations.  You can find these and her many other gorgeous creations on her blog or on her facebook page.

These dazzling jhumka earrings were created by Yashica Ved (link to her Pinterest page).  Click here to learn how to make the spirals.

Here is another pair by Yashica Ved – so elegant!  I am impressed how smooth the surface of her jhumka earrings are.

Who says jhumka earrings have to consist simply of an umbrella?  This design shows that it can be much more!  This pair has a fun story – it was made by Lavanya from EEE Crafts, but it was designed by one of her facebook fans – the winner of a contest got to draw a design and she created it.  How fun!   Not only that, but there is a tutorial as well!  Find it here.

Another new style!  This jhumka inside of a hoop design is made by Lavanya from EEE Crafts.  The flowers on the hoop are a fun addition as well!
This fantastic set is by Trupti.  Click here for the post on her blog about these earrings.  Such a grand combination of jhumka and ramleela!

Here is a pair that takes the jhumka earring to a whole other level – the peacock is actually the main show stopper here.  Lovely!  This is made by Anjana from Anjana’s Artography.

Using quilling to make more designs on your quilled jhumka earrings is another awesome idea, but not seen very often!  Here is a lovely pair by Subhashree from Yadh’s.  The colors here are so fun!

Here is another unique pair by Subhashree in elegant golden tones!

Here is a unique jhumka earring design by Nethra.  Not only does it have two layers, but the bottom layer is domed on the both top and bottom, so it is shaped like a flattish sphere.  Cool!

Who says a jhumka has to be made by forming a tight roll into a dome?  Here is a unique pair made with a different technique by Radhika.

You guys, this is my FAVORITE jhumka earring!  It’s so awesome I can’t stand it.  Not only that, but there is a tutorial for it as well!  Woohoo!  These were created again by Lavanya from EEE Crafts.

The only thing the tutorial doesn’t explain very well is how to get evenly spaced holes in the base of the jhumka.  I came up with a method which you can see in this tutorial.

Here is a unique design!  This is by Priya from Kalanirmitee Designs.  Click here to view these on her blog, and check out her facebook page here.

Here are a few pairs of unique jhumka earrings made by Swirls Paper Jewellery. I am very impressed by the smoothness of all her jhumkas (just check out all of the photos on her facebook page!) as well as these lovely designs.  The way the red, gold, and black papers flow is so elegant!  She has this style in many other color combos as well.

For this wide bottom pair, Swirls has painted on an elegant design.  Sooo pretty!
In this style Swirls uses a wider paper, which creates a fun wide bottom border, perfect for die cut borders like this!

Here is another jhumka inside of an open circle, but the design is different than the one by the above artist, so I am sharing this one as well.  Again, by Swirls!

Beehive Jhumka earrings came about sometime in 2014, and now can be found by many artists.  From what I know, it was first created by Preethy from Pretty’s Creations.  After SO many people swooned about her new design she was so kind as to create a tutorial so that others could create it as well.  Click here to view the tutorial on her facebook page. Personally I find that it is hard to find a really well made and nice looking beehive jhumka earring!  So here are a few that I found that I thought were well made and pretty!

This black and gold pair by Preethy from Pretty’s Creations is so elegant!
These fun bright jhumkas were made by Fahmida from Fah’s Creations.
And this pink set is so pretty!  Again by Preethy from Pretty’s Creations.

This pair is made by PaperJewellery on facebook.  The thick white swirls remind me of ribbon!

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of awesome jhumka earrings!  Which one is your favorite?  Would you like to make jhumka earrings but you don’t know where to start?

Try one of these 10 tutorials!

Roundup of 10 tutorials for making paper quilled jhumkas! - via Honey's Quilling

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