Jhumka earrings are an Indian design of jewelry that is extremely popular.  I tried looking up some history about it, but it is so hard to find!  I’m guessing it’s one of those things that is so old that there is not much of a story known behind it.  There are many styles, ranging from super simple umbrella shapes to multi layered with beads. Sometimes in the past decade or so paper quilled jhumka earrings became popular.  It would be awesome to know who was the first to come up with this idea!  Paper quilling seems to be a hugely popular craft in India, so of course the artists there have translated that into colorful and unique jewelry. There are two awesome things about making quilled jhumka earrings:


  1. They are lightweight!  Jhumka earrings are usually made from metal and can be quite heavy.  Paper quilled jhumkas give you the beauty without the pain of heavy earrings!
  2. They can be colorful!  Indian clothing comes in such gorgeous designs and colors that it can be tricky finding just the right matching jewelry.  But if you make your own, it’s so much easier!  You can make a pair to match any outfit you have.
Today I want to share with you a roundup of all of the jhumka tutorials that I can find.  When you are first learning how to make these earrings it can help to see as many different ideas as possible so you can find what works well for you!  So here you go!

Basic Designs

This was the first jhumka tutorial that I created.  My goal was to create something with a new twist that was my own.  The top that I put on this pair is unique and is great for those who don’t have or don’t want to use eyepins or headpins in their design, but still have a sturdy piece.
This basic jhumka tutorial is from Shylaa from Adhiraa Creations blog.
This basic jhumka tutorial is by Salini from JewelGleam.  There are a couple links to videos here as well.

Jhumka with Studs

This tutorial by Ramya on artplatter.com shows how to attach your jhumka to a stud, for those who prefer stud earrings rather than dangle.
This tutorial for jhumka earrings with studs has great photos.  It is by Raj from Pink Chai Living

Jhumka with Beads

This tutorial by Ramya on artplatter.com shows how to make these cute little pink jhumkas with a bead accent.
This tutorial here on my blog shows you how to make these cute blue jhumkas with beads and a beadcap.  I used PPA Matte to varnish them so they would be matte and look just like paper, but still be protected!

Jhumkas with Dangles

This tutorial by Ramya from artplatter.com shows how to attach a little dangle crystal at the bottom of your jhumka design.
These cute green jhumkas are made by Marissa from Sweethearts and Crafts.

Jhumkas with Outside Dangles

This tutorial shows you how to make the small holes for outside dangles for a truly elegant jhumka!

I hope you enjoy the tutorial roundup and find it helpful!  Feel free to leave any comments or questions, and stick around to view some more great pages here!

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