Paper Quilling Tips

Paper Quilling Tips and Tricks

Here is a collection of articles here on my blog with paper quilling tips and tricks!  Learn what the best glues to use are, how to cut your own paper strips, what tools are necessary, and much much more!  If you are looking for actual paper quilling tutorials, click here to see my selection of free quilling tutorials!


What supplies do you need for paper quilling?  Learn all about them here!  From the free to the fancy, it’s all here!

Fun New Supplies from Let’s Quill On

Fun New Supplies from Let’s Quill On

Last year I wrote a review of some paper quilling supplies from Let's Quill On after they sent me some of their goodies. Click here to read the review. Since then they have added quite a lot of products. A few months ago I wrote an update here with some fun new...


Glue, one of the most important aspects of paper quilling!  Sure you can use any paper glue that you’d like, but which is best for you?  Read these articles to find out more information about some of the best glues to use!

Glue Tips for Paper Quilling

I have been paper quilling since I was ten years old, so have tried LOTS of different glues! I thought it'd be great to condense some of my experiences into a blog post to help out some fellow crafters. I'll mention the glues that I've tried and used and describe some...


Learn all about adding sealant to your paper quilling projects!  What projects to use it on, which types work best, what sealant looks like, and more!


There are so many awesome effects you can add to your paper quilling projects!  From using specialty papers to adding mica watercolors, there are many ways to make your project just a little more awesome.  Read all about them in these posts!

Jeweltone Quilling Papers with and without Mica Watercolors

Jeweltone Quilling Papers with and without Mica Watercolors

It is fun to experiment with new and unique quilling papers! See how jeweltone papers from Lake City Craft look and some examples of projects that you can make with them. Also see how they look when they have mica watercolors added to the edge for even more flair!


Read about some techniques for paper quilling!  These are tips and tricks that have to do with design and techniques, but aren’t really full tutorials.

Quilling 101 – How to Start Paper Quilling – A Free Tutorial

Quilling 101 – How to Start Paper Quilling – A Free Tutorial

Here is a tutorial a long time coming - I have been asked for a tutorial for basic quilling techniques and shapes.  I will break this into a couple posts, with some more advanced shapes in the second part. So you want to start paper quilling?   First you need some...


Check out some other tips and tricks about paper quilling!

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