Happy New Year!

I thought it would be fun to start the new year with a giveaway to win a gift certificate.  If you are a frequent reader, you know I enjoy giveaways!  This one is a bit different, though.

You may notice sometimes in my posts I link to products at Custom Quilling.   Custom Quilling Supplies is an online shop owned by Denise Cameron.  She has a full range of quilling supplies including papers, glues, sealants, paper punches, accessories, stationary, tools, and oh SO much more.  It really is a wonderland of quilling supplies and related supplies that you can use for quilling.

As an affiliate for Custom Quilling, I get a small percentage of orders that are made through my affiliate links.  A couple times a year I get a gift certificate in the amount that I have earned to use for orders.  The fun thing is that I can also give that gift certificate to someone else!

So, because I like to give back to you, my loyal readers, I am offering two gift certificates, one each to two lucky winners!  I’ll do a giveaway this week for the first one, and next week for the second one.  This is because the gift certificate I am giving away this week expires on Feb. 11th, so I want to make sure to give someone enough time to make an order.  The gift certificate is worth a little over $10.

This giveaway is open worldwide, as Denise ships anywhere around the world.  Keep in mind, though, that if you are making an order from outside of the US you’d have to pay the shipping.  So if you don’t think you would use this gift certificate, please don’t both entering, as I don’t want it to go to waste.    Only enter if you know you will use it by Feb. 11th for an order.

There are many ways to enter, so get as many entries as you can!  The giveaway will close on January 13th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

While you are waiting to see who won the giveaway, here are some fun products for browsing at Custom Quilling:


Gold, Silver, Bronze Metallic Marker 3 Pack

This pack of 3 colors of metallic sharpie markers can be used to add a shiny finish to the edge of any quilling paper!

10 Box Envelopes

These nice looking box envelopes are great for shipping your quilled cards without worrying that they’ll get smashed!

Locket Brown Round 163

This fun locket comes in many colors and is the perfect depth to add your quilling design into.  I believe you just slide it in between the two clear layers, so you don’t even need sealant or anything.  You can add other little charms, beads, etc. as well.  So fun!

Paper Bead Adhesive Sealer

Here is a sealer made especially for paper beads.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I want to!

Shadow Box Frame 6 x 9

Shadow box frames are perfect for keeping your quilled designs safe from dust!

Celebrations Papercraft Kit

Do you like adding quilling designs to cards, but you prefer not to do the rest of the decorating?  This is just one of several cardmaking kits that are great for adding a professional touch to your handmade cards.

Spiral Tool

It can be tricky to make long even spirals when using just the three inches or so of length of your needle tool.  So here is a longer rod to make it easier to make those long spirals!

Cabochon Bracelet Black Round

Bracelets with inset sections are perfect for displaying quilled designs while staying safe!  Use something like crystal coat glaze to pour over your quilled design in each section.

Multi Pear Petals 64505

Paper punches are awesome for getting professional little cut out designs to accent your paper quilled cards, frame designs, etc.  Here is one of more than 50 designs that Custom Quilling carries.

Stick around, there is lots to see around the blog!  Here are some places to start:

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*All products and supplies mentioned in this post I purchased and/or made on my own.

*This post contains some affiliate links.  If you purchase products through the affiliate links I get a small percentage (at no extra cost to you!).  I only link to products that I believe in and/or love to use myself.  Thank you for supporting my blog!