Back in March we were getting ready for our annual Baha’i Naw-Ruz celebration.  The theme of the big party this year was HATS!  So of course, being the crafty family we are, we had to make our hats instead of just buying some fun hats.  I was contemplating what to make, when our safety quilling fringer arrived in the mail.  Flowers = spring, right??  It was the perfect chance to both try out the fringer, and make some flowers for our Naw-Ruz hats!!

To read the full review of the safety fringer, CLICK HERE!  It’s a great tool and SOOOOO much easier and safer to use than a standard fringer.

Today I am sharing with you how I made my headpiece.  I didn’t want to wear a standard hat, so I decided to decorate a headband with some fringed flowers.  I decided to make some lovely silver ones.  I have some silver paper sheets from Lake City.  They don’t sell this particular kind anymore, but you can find similar paper on Amazon:

Or you can also find silver paper sheets in several multi colored sheet packs at Custom Quilling, here, here, and here.  You can also check the paper section of your local craft or stationary store to see what they have!

I cut my own strips out of the paper (click here for a tutorial on how to cut your own paper quilling strips).  First I cut them exactly 3/4″ wide, but that was a TINY bit too wide for the fringer, as the fringer maxes out at 18mm which is actually a tad smaller than 3/4″.  So I trimmed them to be 18mm wide and then they fit perfectly! I added a 6″ strip of 1/8″ wide white paper for the center of each flower and rolled them up.

For my flowers I did the tapering effect where I cut off part of the fringe to get a layered fringe look, so I cut it like this:

Review of Marie's Safety Quilling Fringer by Jonathan Mayne - on Honey's Quilling

Once my flowers were rolled and dry, I took about 8 inches of very thin crafting wire (like this one on Amazon) and poked it through the center hole.  I put on a tiny glass seed bead  and then looped the wire back through the hole.

flowered headband featured

At the back of the flower I put on another seed bead and then twisted the two ends of the wire together.  This make sure that the flower stays put and won’t slide down.

flowered headband featured

I continued twisting until the stem was as long as I wanted it sticking up on my headband.  The headband I used was a wire comb style headband. I can’t find anything quite like it anymore, I bought this 17 years ago in college, eeks!  But the current standard wire comb style headband, like this, will work as well.  I threaded the extra length of wires around the headband and “teeth” to keep it sturdy and then wrapped the excess wire back up the “stem”.

flowered headband featured

Below is a photo of the finished headband.  The flowers stood up well and survived the night.  In fact I still have yet to take them off of the headband, which I really must do so I can wear the headband again!

flowered headband featured

I hope this project helps to inspire you if you are looking to do something similar!  It was a fun project and I got many compliments for my “hat” at the Naw-Ruz party!

Svara, on the other hand, worked even harder on her hat, and she ended up winning the hat contest of the night!  I can’t find a photo of her finished hat, but here it is while she was working on it:

using quilled fringed flowers to decorate a hat

Have you used fringed flowers?  If so, for what sort of project?

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