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The other day I shared a pair of teardrop earrings that I made for myself to match my Deepavali outfit.  Today I am sharing another pair, this time one that I made for my daughter.  She had two outfits – this pink and yellow outfit I made matching earrings for.  I chose this pattern as it matched the design on the outfit.

I don’t have a picture tutorial to share, but I will share the pattern.  If you are familiar with my other patterns you will be able to follow it to make your own pair (in any color to match your outfit!)

How to make paper quilled leaf earrings - a free pattern from Honey's Quilling


I used all 1/8″ (3mm) width paper for this project, but you can use any width you’d like.

Supplies You Need (for one pair of earrings):

  • 10 strips of paper 3″ long (I used magenta)
  • 10 strips of paper 3″ long (I used yellow)
  • 2 strips of paper 3″ long (I used white with silver edge)
  • 2 strips of paper 1 1/2″ long (I used white with silver edge)
  • glue (My favorite is PPA which you can find at Custom Quilling, or here on Amazon)
  • Border Buddy by Quilled Creations (find it at Custom Quilling or on Amazon)
  • Needle quilling tool (find it on Amazon, or at Custom Quilling)
  • sealant for making your earrings water resistant (click here to read more about different sealants)
  • 2 small jump rings (mine are 3mm inner diameter)
  • 2 medium jump rings (mine are 4mm inner diameter)
  • 2 earring hooks (I used clip on for these as my daughter doesn’t have pierced ears yet)


  • Glue each 3″ yellow strip to a 3″ magenta strip.  Allow to dry.
  • Wrap each new strip around the end of the circle border buddy, starting with the magenta side so that is in the center.  (click here to learn how to use the border buddy)
  • You will have six open circles.  Pinch each into a marquis shape.
  • Roll all of the white/silver edge papers around the needle tool so they have very small centers.  Of course you can just use any slotted quilling tool, but it will not have as tiny of a center.
  • Glue together all of the pieces as shown in my design.
  • Use a sealant to make your jewelry sturdy and water resistant.  For this pair I used liquid sealer as the base coat to make it sturdy and then diamond glaze as a top coat.  I added a tiny bit of water to some diamond glaze for the topcoat, as the bottle says it can be mixed with water.  I used a small paintbrush to paint it on all surfaces. I added the earring hooks before applying the diamond glaze so that I could do both sides at once and hang it up to dry.  Find diamond glaze at, Blue Moon Scrapbooking, or on Amazon


This makes a medium/small size pair of earrings.  You can certainly make it a larger pair by using longer strips of paper and using a larger step on the border buddy.

How to make paper quilled leaf earrings - a free pattern from Honey's Quilling

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