It is spring!  Well, in the northern hemisphere anyway.  Here in Malaysia it is hot and humid and/or rainy as usual.  However, in this month of April I cannot help but to relive my  memories of spring.  It was always my favorite season.  Partly because my birthday is in spring, but also because of the freshness, the newness, everything being born again, growing again.  The smell in the air is unmistakeable.  I miss spring. I have been fortunate to visit my home in Wisconsin in winter, summer, and fall in the past 11 years, but I have never been back in the spring yet.  Soon, soon.

How to make mini hemisphere paper quilled pendants or charms - free pattern from Honey's Quilling

In the meantime I have these cute little beauties to share with you.  These remind me of spring because of their egg-like shape as well as the warm pastel colors.  They are easy to make, too!  I think they’d make adorable mini pendants, or you could also use them on a charm bracelet, keychain, hang on a clip on your purse or backpack, etc.  Actually you could also add some earring hooks to these!  Very versatile!

How to make mini hemisphere paper quilled pendants or charms - free pattern from Honey's Quilling

I don’t have a photo tutorial for these cuties, but I will link to other tutorials for those who need them, and I will give the full written instructions.  If you need beginner quilling instructions first, CLICK HERE.

Supplies You Need (for one pendant/charm):


  • Glue your two strips of paper together.  You may not use the whole length, but you will definitely need more than one strip.  Use your slotted quilling tool to roll it into a solid roll as shown here (don’t mind the orange, this is a photo from the jack o’ lantern earrings tutorial!).  Once you have rolled it up, DON’T glue the end down yet!!!  You need to make sure it fits into your pendant tray.  The trays I used are 1.5cm in diameter.  Yours might be larger or smaller.  If the roll is too big, carefully unroll enough so that the circle will JUST fit into the tray.  Then you can rip off the extra paper and glue down the end.

How to make mini hemisphere paper quilled pendants and charms - free pattern from Honey's Quilling

  • Now that you have your tight roll it’s time to turn it into a hemisphere.  You can see a photo tutorial of it in this other earring tutorial.  You can just do it with your fingers by pushing it into a little half ball shape.  You can also use a mini mold, which is nice for making very perfectly rounded shapes.  Alternatively you could use a marble or other small ball that happens to be the right size.  The nice thing about the mini mold is that it has so many sizes all in one!  After you have your shape the way you like it you will need to coat the inside with glue and let it completely dry.
  • When your shape is completely dry you may now glue it into your pendant tray.  I used the same product that I was using as a topcoat as the glue.  For some of those pictured I used Diamond Glaze. For others I used Crystal Coat Glaze.  Both are great adhesives as well, so just put a ring inside of the pendant try, pop in your piece, and then coat the entire top with the same topcoat.
  • *optional*  even though these hemispheres are coated on the inside with glue, and coated on the outside with a sturdy topcoat, they CAN be partly squashed if you step on them or push on them really hard.  To help prevent this, you can use a liquid sealant to make them even more sturdy and hard.  To do this, wait until the inside glue layer is finished drying.  Then use a paintbrush to paint on a liquid sealer (I’ve been using Ceramcoat Prep All Purpose Sealer and it works great for this!). Let it dry completely before you glue the piece into the pendant tray or put on the topcoat.  This will make your final piece as sturdy as possible!  The liquid sealer soaks into the paper and hardens it nicely.

How to make mini hemisphere paper quilled pendants or charms - free pattern from Honey's Quilling

I hope you enjoy the tutorial and find it helpful!  Feel free to leave any comments or questions, and stick around to view some more great pages here!

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