Often when I am making paper quilled jewelry without any specific design in mind I make a few shaped and put them together in different ways to see what looks good. Often what I thought would work doesn’t work, but I end up making something cooler anyway! That’s the way it was with my first version of lotus earrings.  Actually I didn’t even know what they looked like, but one of my sisters suggested that they looked like the reflection of lotus flowers in the water.  Cool!  So that was that.

Would you like to make those cute little lotus earrings?  Click here to view the free pattern!

The first pair of these I made was this pretty purple lotus pair.
Then I made this nice classic black pair as a custom order. I love the look of the black with the antique copper findings

classy grey!

delicate pink!

I had it in my mind to make a new, more realistic, lotus earring design, but I never found the time until one day when I started working on a wedding frame project for a friend.  For wedding frames I like to match my design with the wedding card as much as possible.  Their wedding card had a pretty lotus design on it.  So lotus it was!  As soon as I made this shape for the frame I knew it would make great earrings as well, and I was right!
Because the theme of the wedding was purple, the first lotus flowers of this design I made were purple.  Since they were so pretty I kept the same color for the earrings as well.  The metallic paper as the outline really takes the design to new heights! These earrings can be found on Zibbet.
I had a customer request for a lotus pendant instead of earrings, and since this is a pretty sturdy design, I thought it would work fine.  It’s so pretty!  Find this on Zibbet.
Pretty soon this style and color of earring was becoming quite popular.  So to save time I made several pairs all at once so I would have them ready to go when ordered.  So I took the opportunity to photograph a bunch together so that people could also buy them in groups as bridesmaid gifts or something similar.  Find these on Zibbet.

Here you can see the size of this large lotus earring

I love black jewelry because it can match with so much.  Or maybe I just have too much black in my wardrobe?  Either way, I just had to make these beauties in black.  The copper border is gorgeous! Find these on Zibbet.
I had some black leather cord necklaces that were perfect for quilled pendants – not too long.  The black of this lotus was just calling out to be on that cord, so I had to make this set!  Find it on Zibbet.

This delicate white and gold pair is perfect for a wedding!

It was time to start making these beauties in more colors!  I wanted to make white since many lotus flowers are white, but I still wanted a striking contrast, so I used dark metallic paper. Find these earrings on Zibbet.

I tried a different style of color with this one – no border, just a different color center piece.  Turned out cute!

Are you interested in making this style of earrings for yourself?  I have a tutorial here that shows not only how to make these lotus flowers, but also a leaf that makes an adorable pair of earrings, and the full frame design as well! paper quilled lotus jewelry - Honey's Quilling

Sealant for the earrings

For those are wanting to make your own earrings, you’ll want to make sure they are sealed to be sturdy and water resistant before using them as jewelry.  Click here to read all of the posts I have about sealant. OR if you want a quick answer and product names, I would suggest this:

  • Start by using a liquid sealer that will soak into your earring and make it nice and stiff.  I suggest Ceramcoat All Purpose Sealer (click here to read a review post with tips about this sealer)
  • Finish with a topcoat to make your piece water resistant and sturdy.  I recommend either PPA matte, PPA gloss, or Diamond Glaze, though there are others that work well also.

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