Peacock Design Paper Quilled Earrings Tutorial

Peacocks!  Royal, extravagant, beautiful, a sign of immortality.  The peacock is a symbol in many different religions and cultures, and it’s not hard to see why.  It stands out among other animals for it’s beauty and regality.  As such, it is also a clear choice as an inspiration for jewelry!

My new tutorial is all about gorgeous peacocks!  The colors and shapes of these designs were inspired by peacock tails.  They are more symbolic and abstract in design, making them able to match with more outfits while still gently singing out “peacock!”

tutorial for paper quilled earrings - peacock inspired designs - by Honey's Quilling

I’ve been working on this tutorial for almost two months.  It didn’t used to take me this long to develop new premium tutorials, but my time is much more spread these days!  But these new patterns are gorgeous, so I hope it was worth the wait.  I already have ideas spinning in my mind for the next tutorial!  Hopefully it won’t be more than a couple months before I get the next one out.

You can find this tutorial in my Etsy shop,  and my Meylah shop.

tutorial for paper quilled earrings - peacock inspired designs - by Honey's Quilling

So why peacocks?  Some of my first quilling quilled earring designs were the peacock dangle earrings (see this post on my old blog from 2011) so it’s definitely not new.  I had it on my list of possible designs for tutorials, and as I was looking over the list I felt more inspired by it than the others at that moment, so I went with it.  Then it was time to sit down and come up with the new designs.

tutorial for paper quilled earrings - peacock inspired designs - by Honey's Quilling



This was about the time that I was working on the folded circles tips and tutorial for the blog (see those posts here and here).  I thought the folded circle would make an awesome peacock feather!  So I experimented with some colors, found some I liked, and got to work.

tutorial for paper quilled earrings - peacock inspired designs - by Honey's Quilling

I went for more abstract designs rather than ones that looked just like a peacock.  But I kept the colors as close as I could.  You could, of course, make these designs with ANY colors and they’d look great!  For the tutorial, however, I chose to keep the theme and use the same colors throughout.

tutorial for paper quilled earrings - peacock inspired designs - by Honey's Quilling

Another goal of mine was to incorporate several fun quilling techniques.  In this tutorial there are beginning instructions for these techniques:  solid circles, open circles, beehive technique, and folded circles.

This tutorial includes:
*beginning quilling instructions
*tips and tricks for paper quilling
*tips and tricks specific to this style of quilling
*detailed step-by-step photos of these patterns being made
*detailed instructions on how to make your designs water resistant 

When you purchase this tutorial there are some tools/supplies that you will need to make these earrings.  Some you need, and some are optional but handy.

  • Paper strips (you can purchase them or cut your own – find quilling strips here at Custom Quilling)
  • Slotted quilling tool (find it at Custom Quilling, or on Amazon)
  • Needle quilling tool (find it at Custom Quilling, or on Amazon)
  • Glue (I like using PPA which you can find in at Custom Quilling, or on Amazon)
  • Ear wires and jump rings – any kind can be used.  I like using niobium ones
  • Cork or foam workboard to pin your quilling on (find it at Custom Quilling, or on Amazon) – you can use a piece of styrofoam as well!
  • Pointed tweezers (find it in at Custom Quilling, or on Amazon)
  • Round objects for the open circles for pieces and borders of some of the designs – dimensions are given in the directions.  You can use everyday objects like pens, bottles, etc. or you can use the specific items mentioned such as an aluminum handle slotted quilling tool and a Border Buddy)
  • Sealant to make the designs water resistant – optional, but necessary if you want your jewelry to be water resistant.  Read these posts for some tips on sealants.


You can find this tutorial in my Etsy shop,  and my Meylah shop.

tutorial for paper quilled earrings - peacock inspired designs - by Honey's Quilling



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  1. I really appreciate your Honey’s Quilling site. Thank you for all the patterns tutorials, info. etc. I have learned to enjoy quilling craft and you are a big part of that. Thank you Janice

  2. it’s great! you do it really awesome!can you do peacock designs like birds and not feathers?i did one and it came out great!

  3. Quite a nice tutorial! Call these designs colorful, call them festive; they are anything but subtle. These earrings with less flash, the kind of jewelery the fashion magazines describes as just right for “the office to a night on the town.”