Are you on pinterest?  If so, you know how addicting it can be!  If not, you should definitely check it out (unless you have no free time, then you may want to stay away  haha!)

Click here to follow me on pinterest!  You can look through my boards and only follow the ones you are interested in (I’m sure you’re definitely interested in the quilling ones if you are following this blog.)

There are so many great social media and other online ‘things’ to get caught up with these days!  Next on my list is to join google+ and instagram.

But first I need to get caught up with the blog (I have many posts in the work, but my kids have been sick lately and my husband busier with work, so my work time has been more limited).

What are your favorite sites such as pinterest, instagram, etc?  Are there certain ones that are geared more towards crafting?