This is the third post in my series of “Paper Quilling for All Budgets”.  Read my first post about starting paper quilling for free, and my second post about the basic tools you can purchase.

This post will cover the fun extra supplies you can purchase, beyond the basics!  Some of these would even be considered necessities by avid quillers, but they are certainly not *necessary* for beginners.  But they are fun, fancy, and will often make quilling easier and faster!

Quilling Comb


A quilling comb allows you to do more quilling techniques such as husking.  This can be a fun addition to your designs!  If you are just starting you can use a hair comb.  An actual quilling comb (or onion holder, found in quilling shops, or in kitchen shops!) will allow you to make more designs than a comb since the tines are a lot longer.  It is also easier to hold. (find it here on Amazon)

Curling Coach



A curling coach allows you to more easily make large solid rolls.  I have one of these, but don’t often use it since I didn’t have one for so many years.  But I do find myself reaching for it when making very larger rolls, or when making rolls out of paper that is wider than 1/4″.  Another benefit is that when you pull the tool out of the center you don’t have to worry about the center of the roll spiraling out, as can happen when your roll is tight and you pull tool out.  That is one of the main benefits I find of this tool! (find it here on Amazon)




You can find a variety of paper crimpers from different brands.  What this does is turn your flat strip of quilling paper into a crimped/zig zagged strip.  This can add some really neat effects to your paper quilling work! (find it here on Amazon)

Mini Mold



For most of the quilling tools you can find similar tools made by various brands.  This is one, however, that so far I have only seen from Quilled Creations.  When you do 3D quilling you turn flat solid rolls into domes for your shapes.  This mini mold allows you to easily shape your rolls into even domes.  Quite handy!  If you don’t have one you can use everyday objects such as marbles, small balls, etc. to achieve this.  The mini mold just makes it a bit easier. (find it here on Amazon)

Mica Watercolors



Mica watercolor paints are an awesome way to add some flair to your paper quilling!  Whether they are used for paper quilled jewelry, cardmaking, frames, or other projects, they definitely add a special touch.  You can find these at well stocked quilling supply stores, or in art and craft stores.  I wrote a post about how to use them with paper quilling.  These last a very long time and can be used for other crafts as well.  Perfect for those who are avid cardmakers!

These are the more well known “extra” paper quilling supplies!  They are fun, handy, and perfect for those who do a lot of paper quilling.  If you are looking for something fun and new to add to your favorite hobby, check out some of these!

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