I’m thrilled to be showing my new tutorial for paper quilled fish earrings!  I created these fish and took the photos for the tutorials months ago, before my son was born.  I didn’t have time to compile them into a pdf tutorial until now, and he is almost 4 months old already!  Boy does time pass quickly.  But here it finally is!

Tutorial for paper quilled fish jewelry - Honey's Quilling

I had fun making these patterns for paper quilled fish earrings.  I wanted them to be colorful, playful, fun, and cheerful.  I chose to use the Border Buddy for all of these designs.  This is the first time a specialty tool is required for one of my premium tutorials.  Usually if a Border Buddy is required I use it for a free tutorial.  But a lot of people have this tool now, and it is not too expensive to get, so I went ahead and used it.  It is handy to make sure the pieces are all the same size for everyone instead of saying “use a quilling form like a pen that is 3/10″ in diameter”.

If you don’t have a Border Buddy yet, I highly suggest getting one!  It is amazingly handy and can be used in soooo many designs.  You can get these two different ones on Amazon as well as many other spin-off brands around.  I have the original from Quilled Creations myself.  On the right is a larger set from Let’s Quill On, which can be fun!   You can also purchase the border buddy here at Custom Quilling.


If you are in India and you want to get your hands on the more variety green border buddy product above, click here to get it from Let’s Quill On.

I have this premium paper quilled fish earrings tutorial for sale in these places:

Tutorial for paper quilled fish jewelry - Honey's Quilling


Wondering how to get your quilled jewelry nice and sturdy and water resistant?

  • Use a sealer as a base coat.  I love Ceramcoat All Purpose Sealer.  Click here for my full review with tips!

  • Use a topcoat or glaze for extra water proof protection (most are glossy, but you can get matte ones as well if you prefer!).  Click here to find all of my posts on the ones I have tried with reviews and tips.  Some of my favorites are PPA matte, PPA gloss, Diamond Glaze, and Triple Thick Glaze.


If you have any questions about making these paper quilled fish earrings or other quilled jewelry, let me know!  In the meantime, feel free to browse around the blog:

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Tutorial for paper quilled fish jewelry - Honey's Quilling