(originally published in June 2011)

Here is my addition to this fun blogging event, Make It Easy!  To learn more about this blogging event and to see the other participants/tutorials, click this banner:

I have been making my own gift cards for years.  It shows that little bit of extra care and attention to the gift, which is treasured by the receiver of the gift.  It also makes it easy to have a gift tag that matches the colors of your chosen wrapping paper!    You can use pre-cut cards, or cut your own cards out of card stock, empty tissue boxes, recycled gift wrapping, etc.

For the paper strips I use specialty quilling paper that is 1/8” wide.  Before I started buying paper quilling strips I used to cut my own out of any paper I had around the house.  Any strips that are ¼” wide or less will work well for the base and bow.  For the “ribbon” it is best to have paper 1/8” wide or less.

Feel free to use other lengths of paper to get smaller or bigger final results.

I have been practicing paper quilling for over 20 years (I started when I was 10 years old) and have taught many people in person, but this is my first online tutorial.  Let me know what you think, how easy it is to follow, and what you would like to see for the next one!


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