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About me - Honey's Quilling blogHi!  Welcome to Honey’s Quilling!  I am Honey (yep, that’s my real name!) and this is where I share all things quilling related – one of my favorite hobbies.  But you aren’t on this page to hear all about quilling, you are here to read more about me! (click here to read about my quilling history)

I grew up in Wisconsin, USA, in a big house in the country.  I am the second eldest of 7 children in my family.  We had a huge garden, a big yard, and lots of fresh air.  We spent the summers playing outside as well as working in the garden.  In winter we built snowmen and went sledding on the not very steep hill in our front yard.  All year round I spent time reading, cooking, and crafting. When I go back to the US to visit my parents, it is to this childhood home that I go back to, and I love it!

My three favorite crafts were sewing, crocheting, and paper quilling.  My mother taught me the basics of sewing, while my grandmother taught me the basics of crocheting.  I mostly used my rudimentary sewing skills to make Barbie and other doll clothes for myself and my sisters.  My crocheting skills I used to make doll clothes, and also yarn dolls that I stuffed and crocheted clothes for as well.  My mom still has two boxes of the yarn dolls and clothes that I made for myself and all of my siblings.

I went to University in Wisconsin and graduated with a major in elementary education, and minors in mathematics and international studies.  I found a full time teaching job in northern Wisconsin on a Native American reservation and taught there for a year.  It was a great experience!

I didn’t stay longer, though, as I had a fiance waiting for me in Malaysia! So after my year was up I gave away most of my belongings, packed up the rest, and got on an airplane to move halfway around the world to a tropical land.  A few months after getting married I got a job at ISKL, an international school, and I taught there (teaching 3rd grade) for 4 years.

I stopped working after 4 years so I could be a stay at home mom to my then 14 month old daughter, Svara (see her work here on the blog).  When she was 3 I opened my Etsy shop selling my paper quilled earrings and I had my first blog as well.

In 2011 I started an online quilling supply shop, mostly supplying to Malaysia but also to other countries around the world.  I opened the shop as there was a limited supply of quilling supplies available here in Malaysia.  In 2013 I started blogging on my own self-hosted blog.  I found that I really enjoyed spending time making and sharing quilling tutorials as well as sharing tips on making quilled jewelry and other related topics.  I didn’t have enough time to both run my supply shop AND the blog, and still focus on homeschooling and other duties.  So I had to choose!  I chose blogging and therefore in mid 2014 I closed my supply shop (I still sell a very few supplies like PPA glue that Malaysians cannot get elsewhere in Malaysia yet)

Now I have two daughters (8 and 3) and my days are filled with homeschooling, craft projects, cleaning, cooking, gardening, and of course quilling and blogging!  I also occasionally get to read a novel 😉 We are still living in Malaysia for now, but we really enjoy visiting Wisconsin when we can!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.  Stick around to view some more great pages here!

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