It’s time for another free tutorial!  I have many planned for this year, so I’ll start with this adorable simple owl pendant.  It can also be used as earrings, a magnet, to adorn a greeting card, or anything else you can think of!

free tutorial to make this adorable paper quilled owl pendant


Supplies for 1 simple owl for a pendant. (double if you want earrings)

For body:

  •             3 strips of spring green 24” long
  •             1 strips of aqua 24” long

For eyes:

  •             2 strips of black 3” long
  •             2 strips of ivory 6” long
  •             2 strips of deep aqua 6” long

For nose:

  •             1 strips of deep aqua 2-3” long (depending on how big you want your beak to be)

Tools needed:


  • For each body, glue together one spring green and one aqua strip. Rip off 1 ½” length from the end of the aqua color.  Roll this into a tight roll with an empty middle.  Roll the strip starting with the spring green end.  When you have about 6” of the aqua end left, glue the tight roll on and continue wrapping the last 5” of length around your body shape.  Glue into place.  Pinch the two sides carefully so that your finished tight circle body is more of an oval shape, with the added tight roll at the top to put in the jump ring to make it into earrings.
Make your own paper quilled owl pendant free tutorial

This shows how to glue two colors of paper strips together. Allow them to dry before rolling


free paper quilling tutorial to make a paper quilled owl pendant for jewelry

This photo shows how to make a large solid roll for the body. The small solid roll for the little ring at the top is made in the same way, it’s just a lot smaller! You can use your needle tool to make sure the inside of the small solid roll has an empty middle, just push aside the little flap that is created when you use the slotted tool.

How to make a paper quilled owl pendant with this free paper quilling jewelry tutorial

This s hows how to add in the small tight roll so that it is wrapped up in the main body. This allows your finished design to be sturdy. You can also just glue it on top instead of wrapping it inside if you wish.


  • For the eyes, glue together a black, ivory, and deep aqua strip.  Allow it to dry. Start rolling from the black end, and glue into a tight roll.  Repeat for the other eye.  For the nose, roll the 1 ½” deep aqua piece.  Let it expand into a loose roll.  Glue it closed to the size that you want, and pinch into a triangle shape.  Here are all of the finished pieces:

pieces of paper quilled owl tutorial

  • To assemble, pour a little glue onto a surface and dip your eyes and nose pieces into the glue.  I like to use tweezers for this as the pieces are quite small.  Place the eyes and nose onto the base, and adjust as necessary.

make your own paper quilled owl jewelry

  • If you would like your design to be water resistant, now is the time to add the sealant!  Click here and here to learn how to use sealant on your paper quilled jewelry.  There are many different sealants that you can use!  I have compiled some here that you can find in the US and other places)


These can, of course, be made in any color combination you choose!  Make them realistic colors, or make them colorful and fun as I have done here.  Use longer strips of paper to make bigger ones, and shorter strips of paper to make smaller ones.  These are approximately 3/4″ (2cm) wide (at the widest point in the body) and 1″ (2.5cm) tall not including the jump ring.

tutorial for paper quilled owl jewelry


If you’d like to make more owl designs, check out my full tutorial here with many more details, tips, and more designs!  It is on sale for direct digital download at both Honey’s Hive on Etsy and at Honey’s Quilling Shop

Or if you’d like to purchase this or other owl jewelry that I have made, or make a custom order for some (I can make them in any color combinations!), visit my etsy shop!

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