Hello all Lord of the Rings fans!  Today I want to share with you an Eye of Sauron magnet.  This was a gift for my brother.  A few years ago he requested a hobbit and Eye of Sauron magnet.  I tried to make a hobbit from paper quilling and it turned out looking ridiculous, so I gave up.  Earlier this year I felt the calling to try the Eye of Sauron magnet.  I’m not going back to the hobbit, though, at least not any time soon LOL.

How I Made it

I thought I’d share a bit of the process of making the Eye of Sauron magnet, so you can make something similar if you wish.

I started by wrapping black paper around a circle form for the outside.  Any container or bottle will work!  For the center of the eye I used a large open roll and squished it as flat as it would go.  I squeezed glue between the coils and pinned it closed, letting it dry.  This way I didn’t have to worry about it expanding while I made the rest of the design.

The Eye of Sauron has many different colors, so it was a no-brainer to use the transitioning technique to incorporate different shades.  I did not want to have just a random black or orange piece here or there, so rolling the orange and black inside of the red rolls lets it blend and flow better.  If you haven’t heard of the transitioning technique, it was coined by Erin Curet of Little Circles.  You can download a free tutorial for a project that uses transitioning in her online shop.  Click here for the download.  I also used transitioning on a small scale in a pair of earrings. Click here for my free tutorial.

Handmade Eye of Sauron magnet - paper quilling - by Honey's Quilling

I had to use a lot of pins for this project as I needed the pieces to stay nice and tightly together!  I moved pins as I added on pieces.

Handmade Eye of Sauron magnet - paper quilling - by Honey's Quilling

The outside circle shape seems uneven in the lefthand photo below. However, when I pushed pieces in to fill in the spaces, it rounded out nicely.

Handmade Eye of Sauron magnet - paper quilling - by Honey's Quilling

The finished piece!   If I made this again I would probably use a light orange or darker yellow instead of the bright yellow in the outside pieces.  The yellow just stands out a little too much I think.  But I like the total flame effect, so I was happy about that.

Handmade Eye of Sauron magnet - paper quilling - by Honey's Quilling


To make this piece into a nice sturdy magnet, I used Ceramcoat Sealer to make it nice and stiff (click here for my full review of Ceramcoat Sealer). Then I used  3D Crystal Lacquer to make it water resistant and even more sturdy. Click here for my full review of 3D Crystal Lacquer.

Handmade Eye of Sauron magnet - paper quilling - by Honey's Quilling

Of course a magnet is not a magnet without a magnet on the back!  haha!   I have a pack of these round magnets from Quilled Creations that I used.  Three of them fit perfectly on the back in a circle, so I used three to make it as strong as possible.  Even though the magnets are stickers, I find that they can fairly easily come off. So I take off the sticker paper and then add a bit of tacky glue to stick them onto the magnet.  That way they surely will not come off! Any strong glue would probably work, even a bit extra of the 3D Crystal Lacquer would have worked.

So my brother finally got his Eye of Sauron magnet!  Maybe in another few years I’ll tackle the Hobbit again.  Maybe.  LOL

I hope you enjoyed this post, stick around to see lots more here on the blog!

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