Handmade gifts were a norm in my family when I was growing up.  With ample time for crafting and little money for spending, it was the best way to give a thoughtful gift to a family member or friend.  Now that I am adult I enjoy sometimes being able to shop for gifts for family and loved ones.  However, I still very much enjoy making gifts for them as well!  Sometimes there is nothing better than being able to make that perfect gift.

My older brother has been a long time fan of the comic strip Dilbert.  So a couple years ago when I was sitting down to make gifts for all of my siblings, I had the idea to make Dilbert magnets for him from paper quilling.  It took some time and patience (as quilling usually does!) but I came up with these designs that I was very happy with, and he was too!


To make these magnets I wanted the shapes to be as solid as possible.  Yet I still had to be able to shape them.  Dilbert’s head was probably the most difficult part of this project.  I had to let the paper expand just enough so that I could shape it into a rectangle, but still have it mostly solid.  It just so happened that there is a tiny gap that looks like a crooked smile  haha!    Dilbert’s glasses and nose were solid circles and I pressed reeeeaaaaally hard to get them into the right shapes.  Same with Dogbert’s glasses, hands, and feet.    I was quite pleased with the way Dilbert’s tie came out.  I cut out the shape with red paper (I used 3/8″ wide quilling paper) and made it a couple layers thick.  Then I used strips of 1/8″ wide black quilling paper to glue on the strips.  I bent it the way I wanted it and then put on a couple layers of liquid sealer so that it would stay stiff.

I sealed these magnets with a glossy topcoat like diamond glaze so that they would be nice and sturdy.

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