I just have a quick post today.  I’ve got several awesome posts coming up including more than one tutorial, but tonight I was busy editing photos and don’t have time to finish up one of those excellent posts.  However, I noticed something the other day that I wanted to share!

Many people have found the mini mold by Quilled Creations to be an awesome tool!  I actually bought one for myself about 3 years ago but haven’t used it yet.  Honestly I don’t do a lot of 3D quilling.  However, I finally had the opportunity to need to use it the other day (you’ll see why within the next few weeks!) so I opened it up.  I couldn’t help noticing that the front of the package for the mini mold looks just like the mini mold!  Of course it is not as sturdy of plastic, but it is sturdy enough to be useful.

Get twice the use from your mini mold!


So my tip for the day is don’t throw away the packaging from your mini mold!  Instead you can:

  • Store it away in your extra quilling supplies box just in case!
  • If you travel often between two houses you can keep it at one house so you don’t have to bring it with you
  • Give it to a friend who is new at paper quilling and wants to try it out
  • Keep it to use when you are doing small quilling classes
  • Any other ideas?

There certainly is nothing wrong with having two mini molds, especially when one is free!

Looking for a mini mold?  Find one  here on Amazon or here at Custom Quilling.

p.s.  what projects do you use your mini mold for?

Feel free to leave any comments or questions, and stick around to view some more great pages here!

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