One of my favorite papers to use for paper quilling is the silver and gold edged paper.  It makes quilling look so elegant and special!

Whether you are making greeting cards, a framed picture,  or jewelry, the silver  or gold edge can be just what you need to add that extra special touch to your project!

Here are some of the things I have made these special papers.  Some are for sale in my etsy shop, while others have already been sold.

If you enjoy creating your own paper quilled jewelry, hopefully this will give you some inspiration to try the gold and silver edged papers!

Indian design and feather dangle earrings

loop and nine pointed star flower design

Deepavali design and simple circles

Nine pointed star set andlarge loops

Black and gold loops, and small lattice earrings

“Owl eye” double circle earrings and seahorse pendant

Three circles pin and small loops earrings

Nine pointed star flower set and star set

Retro circles heart pendant and rabbit pendant

Large silver and burgundy crescents and black/silver retro circles set

And these two designs use both silver and gold edge paper in the same design.  The green/black set is one I made for myself to match an Indian outfit I have, and the white paisley set is for sale in my etsy shop.

Do you use gold and silver edged paper in your quilling?  If so I’d love to see what you’ve made!  This special paper is called A Touch of Gold or A Touch of Silver and is available from Lake City Crafts.  I carry it in my quilling supplies store or you can get it at any other well stocked quilling supply store!


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