Almost two months ago I announced that I was going to close my online quilling supply shop at

I want to write an update to share how that’s coming along, and what you can expect in the future!

After March 20th the online shop as it stands now will be gone (shop the clearance sale now!).  I will keep the URL and hopefully by the first week in April I will have a new site up there.  It will not be an online shop, however.  On this new site you will be able to find:

  • Where to find paper quilling supplies around the world
  • Where to find paper quilling supplies in Malaysia
  • Information on how those in Malaysia can still purchase the supplies from me that they cannot get from anyone else in Malaysia yet (the PPA glue, silver and gold edged papers, etc.)

I will be selling off any extra quilling supplies I have left on either my zibbet shop or etsy shop.

I am looking forward to starting to put more focus into this blog.  Coming up in the next months you will find:

  • new tutorials for quilled jewelry
  • reviews of several types of sealants/glazes/topcoats for quilled jewelry
  • a look at some bigger quilling pieces that I have planned (yay!)
  • a continuation of the new series that focuses on blogging and business for those who are starting down that path.

Let me know if there are any types of posts you are looking for in particular!

Stick around and check out some of the other fun stuff on the blog!

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