It has been more than six months since I’ve shared some of my daughter’s quilling work!  Svara is almost 8 years old now and she has her own quilling board, quilling box, quilling tools, etc. which she loves.

One thing that she has been wanting to make is jewelry.  Last month it was the Baha’i holiday of Ayyam-i-Ha and we were visiting friends.  Our friend likes wearing earrings, and Svara asked if she could make a pair of earrings for her.  I said sure, as long as she tries her best.  While Svara loves quilling, she is still learning to develop the patience needed to complete designs and to start over when things don’t turn out quite perfectly.  She took up the challenge this time and saw it through to the end, having to make several extra petal pieces to make sure that both of her daisies looked similar enough to be nice earrings.

Quilling for Kids - Svara's quilled flower earrings - Honey's Quilling

Svara picked the lovely golden orange and brown combination.  If you would like to see how to make these earrings yourself, click here for the free tutorial.  She used her circle template board to make sure that each petal was the same size.  At first she was forgetting and letting the scroll expand after taking it out of the board, but she soon saw how that led to a lopsided looking daisy!  Having to make some extra petals made her extra cautious about using the board correctly.

Quilling for Kids - Svara's quilled flower earrings - Honey's Quilling

Of course she wanted these earrings to last, so we used a sealant on them to make them water resistant.  Click here to read all posts about different sealants you can use.  For this pair we used Diamond Glaze, which I’ve been using fairly often recently so I can get a good feel for it and write up a full review (coming soon!).  Here it was easy to apply (I poured some into a little cap and used a paintbrush to fully paint over the design).  Since the coils were quite tight I didn’t have to worry about them uncoiling in the centers.  Therefore only one heavy coat was needed.  If you do it this way, just be sure to first attach the earring hooks so you can hang them to dry.  Stay around for the first few minutes to dab off any drips that collect at the bottom of the earring from excess sealant.

Quilling for Kids - Svara's quilled flower earrings - Honey's Quilling

Svara was happy with her end result, and so was our friend, who will cherish these earrings for many many years!

Svara is hoping to be back soon with more designs to share and some tutorials as well.  So stay tuned and I will soon put all of Svara’s posts on her own page here on the blog as well, as per her request!

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