If you have visited my etsy shop lately you might notice that most of the new pieces are all nine pointed star earrings and pendants in different colors.  There is a reason for this!

The nine pointed star is a very meaningful symbol.  It is a common symbol for the Baha’i Faith, of which I belong.  It has many other symbolic meanings as well for Christianity and other religions .  The number nine is the highest single digit number and as such is considered to symbolize completeness and unity.

The main reason I create nine pointed star jewelry is because it is loved as a symbol for the Baha’i Faith.  I always liked nine pointed stars.  When I started making paper quilled jewelry it was one of my goals to develop some nine pointed star designs.  I have two main design types for now.  One is kind of like a flower and comes in small and larger sizes

pink3   rust3

The other design is more like a star and has points all around a large circle center.  I usually make the earrings with open middles and the pendants solid, but I can do custom orders differently.


It took me awhile to develop the patterns for these earrings since the shapes have to be just right to be able to perfectly fit nine points.  I hope to find the time soon to create another design to add to these two!

Keep in mind when ordering from  my etsy shop that all of these designs (and most other designs!) can be custom made in any color(s)!  If you see a design you like but you want different colors all you have to do is purchase it and let me know in the notes what color(s) you would like!

From now until mid-February I am having a 20% off sale!  Use coupon code AYYAMIHA20 during checkout to receive discount.    If you are shopping for Ayyam-i-Ha gifts and you live far from  Malaysia be sure to order by the end of January to make sure the gifts arrive in time.