One of my favorite things about living in Malaysia is being exposed on a daily basis to a variety of cultures.  Each culture is rich in its own designs and colors, which give lots of inspiration for quilled designs!

Today’s magnet set is inspired by a Rangoli pattern.  Rangoli patterns are made on the floor, usually right outside the entrance to a home, during special occasions such as the Deepavali celebration.  They can be made from different materials.  One common material used is colored rice.  Here is an example of a rangoli pattern:

rangoli patternsource

If you google “rangoli pattern” you can see the multitude of design possibilities.  So inspiring!  This magnet set that I made is very simple, but I can imagine some extensive design possibilities with this type of magnet!   I made one central design and then six outside tips that can be re-arranged by color.  Imagine the design if there were 100 magnet pieces all with different design aspects.  That would be awesome!

Rangoli design paper quilled magnet set - Honey's Quilling



To make the base of these magnets I made tight rolls.  The small magnets use 2 strips of paper for the base while the large magnet used 8-10 strips all glued together.  I then glued a strong craft magnet on the back using a strong glue.  A couple layers of sealant protect the magnets, since magnets tend to get handled quite a bit.   You can find sealants here on Amazon, here at or here at Blue Moon Scrapbooking).  The sealant I used here was liquid sealer.  Click here to read some posts about adding sealant to your paper quilled projects.

Rangoli design paper quilled magnet set - Honey's Quilling

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