Peacock color combinations are just so irresistible! I realized as I was going through photos the other day that I have made quite a lot of peacock earrings in chain and cluster designs, so I thought it would be nice to have them here all in one place.

Here is the very first pair of peacock chain earrings that I made.  I didn’t have any actual chain, so I just attached 3mm or 4mm jump rings together to make a chain and then used 5mm jump rings to join the quilled pieces to the chain.

Here is that same first pair, in a gift box.

Of course I can never leave a design alone, so it was time to experiment!  First I made the earrings in a different color scheme – more like a pheasant feather than a peacock feather.  For the outside of each of these pieces I used brown paper that was edged with gold, from this pack.

My next change was to make a pair with bigger pieces.  Instead of using the end of my quilling tool to make the pieces, I used the end of a pen.

Those big ones looked pretty cool, so I decided to change the colors up a bit. Who doesn’t love a fun rainbow!

Since the bigger shapes allow for more space, I tried using three colors in each piece.  Love this one!

Time to change again – this time I made a nice loooong design!  Instead of using jump rings for the chain, however, I bought some gold curb chain (like this one)

Another color variation – aqua and purple!

And lastly here is the newest addition to my peacock chain earrings.  For this one I used green niobium jump rings and hooks, to make it look even more “peacock-ish”.  It is shown in the photo as either being shorter like a cluster earring, or longer like a chain earring, but both have the same number of quilled pieces.  You can purchase this pair of earrings here in my Zibbet shop, or get the tutorial (along with other awesome peacock earring tutorials!) here.

Here is a tutorial which shows how to make a cluster of earring.  To make the peacock designs instead, just pinch your pieces into teardrops instead of marquis, add a tiny solid roll in the middle, and make a longer chain with fewer pieces.

Looking for more peacock designs? Here is a full tutorial!

Below you will find more of my collections, most with links to tutorials!

I hope you enjoyed seeing all of these fun paper quilling peacock earrings!  I sure have fun making them.  Which one is your favorite?  Have you made any peacock style earrings?

If you give one of these styles a try, I’d love to see it!  Share it and tag me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, etc.

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