The nine pointed star, mathematically known as an enneagram or nonagram, is a beautiful shape! The number nine is an ancient symbolic number in many cultures and beliefs.  It is the largest single digit number and often symbolizes completeness, unity, peace, heaven, and much more!  It is also a common symbol of the Baha’i Faith.

When I first started designing and making paper quilling earrings I really wanted to make nine pointed star earrings.  It was tricky to figure out how to exactly fit nine petals in designs to make the nine pointed star, but I made a couple different variations.  One is a small design that looks more like a flower, and can be made small or larger.  The other is a larger design that looks more like a star and can have a solid or empty center. You can find them all here in my Zibbet shop.

This is the small nine pointed star design, and the most popular so far.
Some people like larger earrings, this is perfect for them!  The same as the nine pointed star, but more than twice as large in diameter.  Although this is listed in only one color in my Zibbet shop, it can be made in any color!
This is a different nine pointed star design, which can be made with an open or solid center.  I usually use the open center for earrings and the solid center for pendants, but it can be made either way.

I have had a goal over the past few years to make my small nine pointed star earrings in lots and lots of colors.  Although I do a lot of custom orders and people can order any of my designs in any color they wish, it is often helpful for them to see what a certain color looks like when it is made into jewelry.  I finally really felt drawn to complete this goal a few weeks ago, and got busy!  One of the downsides was that I didn’t have as much time to keep up with the blog, but I really really wanted to get it done!  Although I could probably make twice as many colors, I finished 39 so far which I think is a great variety.  So that is the project I’ve been busy with in December! So without further ado, here are all of the colors I have made so far:

From now until March all nine pointed star designs are 20% off in my Zibbet shop, so check them out now!  No coupon needed.

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