Hi everyone.  This is my purple paper quilled flower. Would you like to know how to make it?

Quilling for Kids - Svara's Purple Flower

First I made eight little petals.  I used a quilling circle board like the one you see here to make sure that the petals were even.  Then I pinched them to make them into a teardrop shape.

For the middle of the flower I made a tight circle for the center.  Then I used the tweezers to hold the petal and dip the tip of it into glue.  Then I used the tweezers to stick the petals to the middle.  I pinned it down to my workboard to dry.

Quilling for Kids - Svara's Purple Flower

This flower could be used for a pendant, but make sure to put sealant on it (click here to view lots of posts about using sealant for jewelry).  It can also be used for a card decoration, a magnet, or other things.

Quilling for Kids - Svara's Purple Flower

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