A couple weeks ago I was playing around making some inset ring designs.  Svara came into the office/craft room and couldn’t wait to join in!  She made sure that I took photos of her creations to share on the blog, so here they are!

The ring trays shown were provided free of charge by Panda Hall – I’ll be showing the rings that I also made with these same ring trays soon.  Svara used Diamond Glaze to glue the pieces into the ring trays and to give a nice hard, shiny and water resistant layer on top.

In her own words (her words are shown in fun purple!)….

This is a nice rainbow ring with an aqua jewel in the middle.

Quilling for Kids - Svara's paper quilled rings

This is a square ring with rainbow circles.  But I didn’t work as hard on it as I did on the first one.

Quilling for Kids - Svara's paper quilled rings

Svara is hoping to be back soon with more designs to share and some tutorials as well.

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*The ring trays pictured here were supplied free of charge by Panda Hall.  All other products and supplies mentioned in this post I purchased and/or made on my own.

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