I’m back with another fun Quillspiration post!  Quillspirations are inspiring pieces of paper quilling.  Today I’m showcasing paper quilled trees from various artists around the world.  All are linked to original sources so you can have a click and see other works by the same artists.  Enjoy!  If you have a paper quilled tree project that you would like to share, feel free to leave a link in the comments!

Framed Designs

Here is a simple, yet elegant and beautiful paper quilled tree by Kari from Quillique .  See more photos of this piece here in her Etsy shop. You can follow her on facebook here.

Yulia Brodskaya, one of the best known quilling artists, designed this Darwin tree as part of an article in a scientific journal.  Gorgeous!  Visit her blog and follow her on facebook.

Here’s an awesome tree that is part of a tree collection from Quilling Park.  Click here to view the original photo and to browse the blog for the artist’s other works.  Note the way that the artist makes the trunk of the tree with the folded paper technique.

This elegant and beautiful tree was made by Pily Núñez from Crea Quilling.  Click here for more close-up photos of this piece on her blog, or click here to follow her on facebook!  I love the way that the on edge paper creates the detail of the trunk and branches.

Larisa is one of my favorite quillers, I always love to see her new (and old!) works posted on facebook.  Her preciseness and colorful beauty astound me!  This tree is no exception.  See more pics on her blog, or visit her on facebook.

Who said a tree had to look conventional?  This eye catching beauty is vibrant and unique, I love it!  Created by Marlene from Kaagaz by Marlene on Etsy.

This jaw dropping banyan tree was created by Suganthi from the Daydreams blog.  If you click on the link you can see the same design made in two different sizes, so one has a bit more detail than the other.  This is the larger of the two designs.  I love the 3D aspect of it!  Click here to visit her on facebook.

This is a fun and whimsical tree!  It was created by Shweta Yadav and can be seen in her quilling portfolio here.

This lovely scene was created by Priya from A Journey into Quilling.  She has quite a few quilled sceneries on her blog.  What makes these fun is the different combinations of techniques used to create a single scene, making it look a lot like a painting, which she said was her intent.

I really love the trunk/bark on this tree!  This was created by Yasmin from Hooks and Laces.

This eye catching framed tree design is shared as a great tutorial on Squzy.com.  Make one for yourself in your choice of colors and impress anyone who sees it!

This beautiful dryad (tree spirit) was created by Stacy from Mainely Quilling.  You can also follow her here on facebook.

This extremely detailed piece was created by Erin Curet of Little Circles.  Click here to see more photos on her blog.  Follow here on facebook here.  Erin is well known for making amazing quilled mosaic pictures such as these, and even makes awesome tutorials (called Quill-Alongs) for some of them.  If you haven’t checked out her extensive array of quilling paper strips, check out her shop here!

I love the lines in the bark of this tree, and the unique leaf bunches.  Click here for more photos and even a partial tutorial for how to make the trunk and leaf bunches!  This tree was created by Svetlana Belova.

Here is something a bit different!  These trees were made by Michelle Jamieson.  Click here for more photos and an interview on All Things Paper.

This whimsical and beautiful piece is made by Samara.  Click here for step by step photos that can help you make your own similar piece!

I love this unique take on a tree – with designs created in the leaves.  This beauty was created by Ada from Ada’s quilling.  Click here for more info about this project.  Click here to follow her on facebook.

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of gorgeous paper quilled trees!  Which one is your favorite?

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