It has been awhile since I’ve done a Quillspiration post!  Quillspiration posts are collections of inspiring paper quilling works by different artists, usually based on a theme.  Today’s theme is OWLS!  Owls are fascinating animals, and seeing as how often artists use them as subjects, they are quite popular for art as well!  Here is a collection of gorgeous paper quilled owls that I have found.  Enjoy!

Large Designs:

This amazing owl is just one of several different owls created by Marlene from Kaagaz.  She sells her art here on Amazon, and she has a website as well.

This absolutely stunning owl was made by the artist behind Giftable Arts (now called PaperTalk).  You can find her facebook page here.  I am blown by the detail on this piece!


This bright and eye catching owl was created by Memo Art, a mother who currently lives in Turkey.  I like  how in this article about her it shows a photo of her son quilling along with her.  Just how my daughters quill along with me!  You can follow her here on Instagram, and she has a facebook page here.

This stunning owl was created by Nidhi, with the more modern “on edge” style quilling.  Read more about it on her blog here.  Find here on Facebook as well.

Here is another amazing snowy owl, by artist Luke Bugbee.  View more of his works here.

This cute owl is part of a 3D frame design.  He is made quite solidly with a lot of tight rolls, by the artist Lara from Moscow.  Click here to view more photos of the project.

This amazingly detailed quilled owl was made by Maria Cvetanova.  She has a shop on Etsy and you can visit her blogpost here where there are more photos of this truly amazing owl!

This beautiful owl duo is part of a holiday wreath created by Bridgit.  To truly appreciate the details of this piece, watch her youtube video here.  You can visit her blog here and follow here on facebook.


This large pendant was made by Maria Maltseva from Moscow, and is just one of her many gorgeous quilled projects!  I love how the glitter adds great glam to this piece!  Follow her on instagram here.

This unique owl pendant was created by Anica Solvena.  You can see more pics of it on her website.  There are many more photos of her lovely works on her facebook page as well.

These are several owl jewelry designs that I created and made tutorials for.  Click here for a free tutorial for the small owl you see in the middle.  Or click here for the full premium tutorial for all of these cute owls!

Other types of projects:

This is one of several lovely quilled owl ornaments by Navanka, a quilling shop on Etsy.  Click here to view more info about this ornament in their shop.  You can also follow them on facebook here. I like their use of crimped papers!

This cute and colorful owl is made by Mona from Quilling Owl.  She is known for her lovely use of the honeycomb quilling method and her tiny details and delicate work.  She has some great tutorials here on her website.  Follow her here on Facebook.

This adorable owl is made by Kai from Le Quillery.  It is part of a larger typography piece.  She has gorgeous typography as well as many very finely detailed smaller pieces of quilling.  Visit her website here and follow her on facebook here.

This adorable 3D baby owl is by Inna’s Creations.  In her blog post she describes how she made it, so you can give it a try as well!  Follow her on facebook as well.

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of paper quilled owls!  Which one is your favorite?  Do you have any paper quilled owls you’d like to share?  Feel free to leave a link in a comment so we can all see!

Here are some more Quillspiration roundups!




A roundup of jhumka earrings inspiration - Honey's Quilling


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