Happy April to you all!  It’s my favorite month of the year!  Why, you ask?  For two reasons: One, it’s my birthday month and what’s not to love about a birthday!  Two, it’s when spring truly makes its appearance (in the Northern hemisphere anyway).  When I was growing up April was always iffy in weather.  Some days are lovely and you can smell the spring air!  Other days winter makes a surprise appearance with a heavy layer of no-longer-welcome snow.  My birthday is just after the middle of the month, and it was always exciting to see whether there would still be snow on the ground on my birthday or not.  Of course my wish was for NO snow!  Some years I got my wish, and other years I didn’t.

I do have a nice spring flower themed post coming up soon that includes a fun review, but I need to take a couple more photos before that one is ready.  In the meantime, today I am sharing a few photos of a small card I made for a friend a few weeks ago (yes, I am that far behind in photo editing and post writing!)

I wanted to make some hearts to decorate this simple card, and I thought the scroll type heart would be perfect, as it is quite elegant looking!

simple scroll hearts paper quilled card - Honey's Quilling

The first time I used this scrolling technique was for this wedding frame design. I learned how to make the scrolls from Susan’s Quilling.  Click here to view her tutorial to see how to make the scrolls.

simple scroll hearts paper quilled card - Honey's Quilling

The second time I used this style of scrolls was for a greeting card to celebrate the birth of a baby.  Click here to see that card.  Coincidentally this card was also to congratulate some friends on their new baby!

simple scroll hearts paper quilled card - Honey's Quilling

I made a small heart for the envelope as well.

simple scroll hearts paper quilled card - Honey's Quilling

I was a bit bummed after making it as I realized that the glue was leaving a mark on the paper.  I used matte PPA glue as usual, as I have never found it to discolor paper and it never leaves any sort of glossy look, it’s perfect for that.  However, this was some specialty handmade paper, very absorbent.  Therefore it behaved differently than normal paper and left a mark.  I am sure any glue would have.  Sigh.  I will not be using that pack of handmade paper cards to put any more quilling on!!  Time to stock up on new cards.  I will stick with either the blank white cards, colored cards, or the fun tri-fold window cards.

Other than that I was happy with my simple yet elegant card.

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