Multicolor Nine Pointed Star Earrings

It’s always fun to come up with a great new design for my quilled jewelry.  However, it can be just as fun to come up with a new variation of a classic!

A couple months ago I was working on the frame design for the quilling contest (click here to see that finished design).  I wanted to put some of my little nine pointed stars into the design, but I decided on a whim to make them with three colors instead of the usual one color.  So for each petal I use three colors, to match some of the colors in the main design.

I immediately wondered why I hadn’t done this before when making my nine pointed star earrings (click here to see all the colors of my  nine pointed star earrings), it turned out so nicely!

When I was finished making the frame design, I made a few pairs of earrings using the multicolor technique.  I have more in mind, but here is what I have made, photographed, and listed in my shops so far:

Red Ombre

This is the original color combination that I used in my frame design, made into earrings.  Find them in my Etsy shop, or in my Zibbet shop.

Red Ombre Nine Pointed Star Paper Quilled Earrings - Honey's Quilling


Blue Ombre

These three shades of blue look so lovely together!  Find this pair in my Etsy Shop, or in my Zibbet Shop.

Blue Ombre Nine Pointed Star Paper Quilled Earrings - Honey's Quilling


Aqua Ombre

Aqua is one of my favorite colors to make earrings from, and this pair is no exception!  Paired with bright white, they make a beautifully cheerful combination.  Find them in my Etsy shop, and in my Zibbet shop.

Aqua Ombre Nine Pointed Star Paper Quilled Earrings - Honey's Quilling


Coming Up!

These are the only three combinations I have made so far, but I have many more in mind!  If you want a pair in another color combination, just let me know and I can make custom orders.  Greens, purples, grey/black, yellow/orange, black with bright colors, there are so many options!

Stick around, there is lots to see here on the blog!

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*All products and supplies mentioned in this post I purchased and/or made on my own.

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