Tutorial – Paper Quilling Christmas Wreath Earrings and Cards

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It is already time to star Holiday crafting! What are you planning on creating this holiday season?

Today I am sharing with you a tutorial for making these fun paper quilling Christmas wreaths!  They can be used for Christmas wreath earrings, gift tags, placecards, gift bags, party packs, Holiday cards, and more!

I am thrilled that my tutorial has been featured over at Red Ted Art.  If you have never visited the site before, it’s stock full of fun art and craft projects to do with and for your kids and family!

Paper quilling Christmas wreath earrings, gift tags, and greeting cards - Honey's Quilling

I made small wreaths for earrings and gift tags, and a medium size wreath for a greeting card which you can see further down in this post. It is easy to make even bigger sizes if you wish!

Materials you need (for two smaller wreaths):

  • 22 strips of green paper 3” long (I use 1/8” width paper)
  • 3 strips of red paper 1 ½” long (I use 1/8” width paper and then I cut it in half to get six strips of 1/16” width paper)
  • 2 strips of green paper 1 ½” long (I use 1/8” width paper) (optional, only needed if you are making earrings)
  • craft or paper glue (I prefer matte PPA)
  • slotted quilling tool (or just use a toothpick if you don’t have one)
  • circle guide board (if you don’t have one, click here to learn how to make one)
  • Work surface (I use a corkboard like this with a plastic covering so glue doesn’t stick to it. You can use corkboard, Styrofoam, or cardboard covered with a plastic sheet or waxed paper)

If you don’t have paper strips, click here to learn how to cut your own!

Now that you have all of your materials together, head on over to Red Ted Art to see the full tutorial with all of the step by step photos!

Here is a finished photo of the fun earrings.  Perfect to wear to school, a Christmas party, etc.

Paper quilling Christmas wreath earrings, gift tags, and greeting cards - Honey's Quilling


And here is the same wreath being used on a gift tag or place card:

Paper quilling Christmas wreath earrings, gift tags, and greeting cards - Honey's Quilling


And a bigger version of the wreath on a greeting card.  This lovely card was decorated by my husband.  I was too busy making the earrings and taking photos so I asked him to decorate it for me.  He did a better job than I would have!

Paper quilling Christmas wreath earrings, gift tags, and greeting cards - Honey's Quilling



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Sealant for the earrings

For those are wanting to make your own earrings, you’ll want to make sure they are sealed to be sturdy and water resistant before using them as jewelry.  Click here to read all of the posts I have about sealant. OR if you want a quick answer and product names, I would suggest this:

  • Start by using a liquid sealer that will soak into your earring and make it nice and stiff.  I suggest Ceramcoat All Purpose Sealer (click here to read a review post with tips about this sealer)
  • Finish with a topcoat to make your piece water resistant and sturdy.  I recommend either PPA matte, PPA gloss, or Diamond Glaze, though there are others that work well also.

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If you give this pattern a try, I’d love to see it!  Share it and tag me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, etc.

Stick around, there is lots to see around the blog!  Here are some places to start:


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Paper quilling Christmas wreath earrings, gift tags, and greeting cards - Honey's Quilling


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