When I created the peacock inspired paper quilled jewelry tutorial I did something different from any of my other tutorials.  That was using the same colored papers for all of the designs in the tutorial.  It was easy to do this since it was a peacock theme, so I used the same colors for all.

tutorial for paper quilled earrings - peacock inspired designs - by Honey's Quilling

I also used special green colored niobium findings since they looked awesome with the peacock theme.  Niobium is a metal that is very hypoallergenic (comparable to pure gold in that way) and is also non tarnish.  Another unique property is that if you pass an electric current through it, it will change the surface color.   The new color will not rub off and is just as hypoallergenic as the original silvery color.  Awesome! (you can find the niobium findings I use in my Etsy shop , and my Zibbet shop, and you can also find niobium earring hooks on Amazon)

Since all of the earrings use common materials, I thought it’d be a great chance to offer a kit with the supplies needed for this tutorial.  This way if you purchase the tutorial and you don’t have all of the supplies, you can get them all at once, knowing that they will work for this tutorial!  Of course some people already have some of the supplies, so you may purchase this supply kit with any combination of the needed supplies (all kits automatically coming with the paper).

The supplies include:

  1. 4 packs of paper – includes purple, turquoise, green, and gold edged – this is enough to make one of each pair and have plenty leftover.  The paper may vary by brand and style (it may be gold on white or gold on ivory), but all will work perfectly.
  2. slotted tool – both the slotted end and the aluminum handle are used in the tutorial *currently out of stock, will be back instock soon*
  3. niobium findings – these findings are hypoallergenic and non tarnish, love them! The ones you will receive are green in color (color is made by electric current, does not rub off) to match the peacock theme – enough to make one pair of each earrings in the tutorial – 6 pairs total
  4. glaze/sealant – this is crystal coat glaze from Quilled Creations, perfect for a sturdy glossy finish

paper quilling supply kit for peacock paper quilled jewelry tutorial - Honey's Quilling


When purchasing this supply kit you can choose these options:

  1. Just paper
  2. paper and tool
  3. paper and glaze
  4. paper with tool and glaze
  5. paper with findings
  6. paper with tool and findings
  7. paper with glaze and findings
  8. all supplies together

It’s a lot of different options, but as this is my first time putting together a supply kit for a tutorial, I’m not sure what most customers are looking for.  After some time I may pare down the options to the most popular combinations.


Currently this kit is only for sale in my etsy shop, as my supplies are limited – next month I need to restock a lot of supplies, so at that time I’ll list this kit in my Honey’s Quilling online shop as well and perhaps on Zibbet also.


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