A few days ago I shared my new peacock inspired paper quilled jewelry premium tutorial.  While I was working on these patterns I didn’t look up other paper quilled peacock jewelry.  I wanted the designs to be from myself.

When I finished, however, it was time to check out all the other peacock paper quilled jewelry out there.  Turns out there are quite a few lovely designs!  So today I want to share with you some peacock jewelry that I found from other talented quilling artists!

First let’s look at some pieces that are made to look like the individual feathers.

This one is one of my favorites!  It is made by Le Quillery on Etsy. After seeing it I tried to recreate it myself just for fun, but it’s harder than it looks!  The actual earrings have been sold so I can’t link to it on etsy, but here is her shop link with many other lovely quilled earrings.

peacock paper quilled earrings by Le Quillery



Here is another nicely done feather, in an earrings and necklace set.  The photo is linked to the pinterest listing where I found it. It doesn’t lead to any website, but the artist has put her email address on the photo.  I like the detail of the feathery bits all around the outside to make it look more realistic.

paper quilled peacock jewelry


These cute little feathers are from another Etsy artist, Twylite Creations.  The little blue beads gives a fun accent to these.

paper quilled peacock jewelry


Here is one more pair of feather earrings.  I do not know who to credit these with, as it links to only the photo from where I found it on pinterest.  If you know where this originates from, let me knkow!

paper quilled peacock feather jewelry


Now let’s move on to some paper quilled peacock jewelry that is made to look like an entire peacock.  Some of these are more simple, and some are quite complex!

This one looks simple and a bit abstract. This might be a nice one for beginners to start with.  Again I don’t know who to credit, so I’ll link to the pinterest post and if you know who it belongs to, let me know!

paper quilled peacock jewelry


Here is one I can give credit to!  This cute peacock was created by Lakshmi from Lachu Creation – she has a facebook page which I am linking to.

paper quilled peacock earrings


This is one of my favorites.  I thought I was being unique in putting a little circle inside of my folded circle for my peacock designs, and then I see this.  So I wasn’t the first!  That’s okay, though, at least I know I wasn’t copying 😉  I love the simplicity of the colors here.  This peacock was created by a Lithuanian quilling artist.  Check out her blog for some neat quilling projects and some tutorials as well.

paper quilled peacock earrings


This next unique pair was created by Narmada, from India.  Check out her blog for her other creations.  I like the bright colors and classical Indian style of this peacock.

paper quilled peacock earrings




This peacock is another very different design.  For one, it is made from crimped paper which gives it a unique look.  Also the body is different style.  It is very fun!  This was made by Navanka Creations on Etsy.  The colors of the whole design are quite realistic, I really like that. It was made as an ornament, but I think it could work as a pendant as well!

paper quilled peacock ornament or jewelry


This lovely peacock set is made by Nithya from Kreativ Corner.  The jewels on these pieces give a unique touch!

paper quilled peacock earrings


I’ll leave you today with just one more pair of paper quilled peacock earrings.  Just take a look at these beauties!  These gorgeous peacocks are the most detailed of all here.  They are created by Timnish from Tim’s Art.  These must have taken quite some time to complete!

paper quilled peacock earrings



I hope you have enjoyed this collection of peacock inspired jewelry from quilling artists around the world!   Stay tuned for more free tutorials coming to the blog in the next week or two!

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