Environmental awareness is at an all time high.  People all around the world want to do their part to lessen their negative impact on the earth.  From recycling, to reusing, to using biodegradable products, the number of things you can do to help the earth is incalculable.

There are many ways that jewelry can be eco-friendly.  Paper quilled jewelry is eco friendly because:

  • It is biodegradable (even if you use a sealant as most sealants will eventually biodegrade.  But not if is is dipped in resin).
  • It can be made from recycled or upcycled paper (if the maker cuts their own strips.  I personally don’t do this, but am thinking of making a collection of those as well!)
  • The products used are non toxic (as long as you use a non toxic sealant, which many are.  If you use a nail polish varnish it is not non-toxic.  I use only water based non toxic sealants for my jewelry).
  • It is made of paper which is a renewable resource.

I love creating eco friendly paper quilled jewelry for weddings.  I can even create custom designs to match a special wedding gown or bridesmaid dresses!   Here are some of the pieces in my wedding collection:

eco friendly bridal paisley earrings

I really love this paisley set. It is grand, yet subtle. It is eye catching and delicate. Sure to add a special touch to the bride’s ensemble!


ivory cream rose chandelier earrings in sterling silver

These delicate rose chandelier earrings are the perfect accessory for a bride. Beautiful and romantic, they are created with sterling silver findings.


nine pointed star eco friendly earring

Some brides prefer a small, subtle earring. This little beauty can do the trick! It is also perfect as bridesmaid gifts and can be made in any color to suit your wedding


large lattice paper quilled wedding earrings

This delicate floral design is perfect for modern weddings. It can be made in any color to suit your wedding!


eco friendly wedding earrings bridesmaid gift

This smaller lattice is great for brides who prefer smaller earrings, or as bridesmaid gifts. Like all of my other earrings, they can be made in any colors!


eco friendly wedding earrings lotus

This lotus design is one of my favorites. I can create them just for the colors in your wedding! They are feminine and romantic, perfect for a wedding.

Those are just a few of the specific wedding earrings I have in my etsy shop.  I can also do custom designs, and any of my other designs can be made in custom colors.  Contact me any time for the jewelry you want for your special day!