So for the past three weeks I have been hosting a fall giveaway here at Honey’s Quilling.  I have given away quilling paper, a pack of supplies for making quilled jewelry, and gift certificates for quilling tutorials.  Today was supposed to be the fourth (and probably final) giveaway for this season.  I decided to postpone it until next week as I felt I needed a little break.  It is so much fun hosting giveaways and spreading the joy, and I love all of the comments you guys have left me! It was so fun learning how you all got into quilling, the projects that you would do if you had the time, and more. I am looking forward to next week’s giveaway!

So while I don’t have a freebie giveaway for you today, I also will not leave you empty handed!  Read on for info about a great sale that Craftsy is having on their craft supplies.  They carry a great selection of high quality craft supplies, many which of will be useful to even those doing quilling crafts.

For all crafty people, now is the time of year when you start to think about card making and gift making for the holiday season. If you are looking for some great deals on craft supplies, check out this Craftsy Sale.

I am sharing this sale because I took a look at what they have to offer and feel that many of my blog readers will find it useful.  They have a great fun selection of background papers, markers, paints, blank cards and tags, card making supplies like stickers, stamps, and other accessories, and so so much more.

If you like painting canvas to make your quilling mosaic on, they are having a huge discount on most of their canvases, as well as the paints, markers, etc. for the actual designing.

Craftsy is having a mega sale on ALL of their craft supplies!  This is only through October 13th, so get going with your shopping!

Craftsy supply sale


So have fun shopping and stay tuned for more great posts coming this week!

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