I have a new paisley paper quilling earrings design!!  Actually I made this more than 6 months ago, but I have been sitting on the pictures and not finding the time to edit them and compile the tutorial.  But I am super excited that it is finally done, because just look at this lovely pattern and think about all the different possibilities!!

I came up with the idea for this design as I was googling Indian earring designs for inspiration.  I saw this photo:


Immediately the wheels in my mind starting turning, thinking about how I could create this shape with paper.  It took me a few tries to get the right size and shape, but I got it in the end.  I tried a few different ways of filling in the design and settled on these two designs to share in the tutorial.  I made each one in two different color schemes for more examples.

After taking all of the photos for these tutorials for some reason I couldn’t find the time to compile the tutorial, even though I loved the design and was so excited to share!  But I didn’t want to share the photos until I had the tutorial ready.  So this past week I made it my goal to get it finished, and I did, whee!!!

I have listed the tutorial for sale in these four online shops I have, so you can get it from whichever one you are more familiar with or you prefer.  Just click the buttons for the links:

If you are interested in purchasing these earrings instead of making them yourself, I’ve got you covered!  I have these four listed in my Zibbet shop, and you can request them to be made in any color combination you want!

These aren’t the first paisley designs I have made, it’s just a new style.  Here is a green paisley design from the blog last year:

Green paisley paper quilled earrings by Honey's Quilling

And here is one of my early, but still one of my favorites, wedding paisley earrings:

eco friendly bridal paisley earrings

Here is my first paisley tutorial:

paper quilling tutorial jewelry teardrop earrings

Want to see more paisley earrings?  Click here to view everything I have in my Zibbet shop.

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