In my last post I shared how to make these cute paper quilled spirals!  One of the great things about them is that you don’t even need a quilling tool.  Just some paper strips and glue.

Today I want to share how to use these spirals to make an awesome set of jewelry!

Supplies for a pair of earrings and a pendant:

  • 12 strips of 6″ long turquoise paper (6 for each earring)
  • 12 strips of 6″ long black paper (6 for each earring)
  • 6 strips of 12″ long turquoise paper (pendant)
  • 6 strips of 12″ long black quilling paper (pendant)
  • 1 1/2″ strip of black paper (for top of pendant)
  • 6-12″ strip of black paper (for outside of pendant)
  • craft glue (I prefer using PPA which you can find here on Amazon)


  • The first step will be to make your spirals!  Click here and follow the directions for making the fat spiral (of course you can use any of the circles you’d like, but these particular supplies listed above are for the fat spirals).  For each earring use 6 strips of 6″ turquoise paper and 6 strips of 6″ black paper.
  • Now that you have your three spirals, you need to add a circle to the big one to make it a pendant.  You can do the same for the earrings if you want to hang them from earwires.  I, however, chose to glue them onto ear posts so I left them as is.  Use the 1 1/2″ strip to make a solid circle and glue it to your pendant circle.  Use the extra strip of black paper and glue it around.  You can choose to have it just go around a couple times, or several times.  Refer to the photos below on how to add the outer strip:

How to make spiral earrings and pendant.  Free paper quilling tutorial from Honey's Quilling


  • Here are the three pieces before and after adding the top circle to the pendant:

How to make spiral earring and pendant jewelry set.  A free paper quilling tutorial from Honey's Quilling


  • Now it’s time to add sealant to your pieces!  There are MANY products out there that you can use for sealants.  You can click here and scroll down to find the posts I have written about sealants.  I am planning more detailed posts about individual sealants as well.  For this post I’ll just share what I did.  Firstly I used a liquid sealer.  The reason I like to use a liquid sealer as the first step in most of my jewelry is that it soaks into the paper readily and stiffens it.  Anyway, back to what I did….   For sealing solid discs like this, pour a bit of liquid sealant into a little cap and use tweezers to dip it in.  Let it sit there for no more than 2-5 seconds, or the colors can start to run into the sealant and into each other.  Pluck it back out and set it on a tissue to absorb the excess sealant.  Don’t let it sit on the tissue for more than a minute or it could start to stick to the tissue!  Move it from the tissue onto a plastic/non stick surface to dry.


3 sealant


  • Sometimes I choose to do 2-3 layers of liquid matte sealant, and then consider it done.  Other times I want a different topcoat, like this time.  This time I chose to use PPA Glossy
    When it dries it gives a lovely super shiny finish! I applied a thickish layer to the pieces (after the liquid sealant had completely dried!) one side at a time.  Let one side completely dry before doing the other side.  Use the tip of a needle or your needle quilling tool to pop any bubbles if necessary.

How to make a set of spiral earrings and pendant.  A free paper quilling tutorial from Honey's Quilling


  • Once you have applied the PPA glossy to the front and back and they are completely dry, you still need to do the sides.  Pardon the horrible photos here!  I first glued the earring pieces to the ear posts, and I added the jump ring to the pendant and hung it up on my jewelry stand.  When the earrings and pendant were hanging on my earring stand, I applied a layer of the PPA glossy around the edge as you can see (the one on the pendant had started to dry when this photo was taken).  If you apply the PPA on the edge and then lay it down on a surface to dry, you can end up with it not looking perfect as there could be a tiny flat edge on the part that was touching the surface.  So I like to do the final step with the jewelry hanging.  The third photo below shows the finished set.  It is beautiful and glossy, it hardly looks like paper!  If you want your finished piece to look more like paper, just stick with the liquid sealant and/or another matte sealant.

What sealant to use to make these paper quilled spiral earrings and pendant



  • Have fun creating your own unique spin on this design, and do let me know if you give it a try!


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Make your own set of spiral paper jewelry - Free tutorial from Honey's Quilling



How to make a set of spiral earrings and a pendant and how to apply sealant to make it water resistant.  Free tutorial from Honey's Quilling

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