Finally here I am with another paper quilled jewelry tip!  I can’t believe I posted the last #3 tip back in January, eeps!  I have lots of tips up my sleeves, just not enough time to get them all photographed and blogged about.  But they’ll be coming!  Make sure you also check out my general quilling tips, lots of things pertaining to jewelry there as well!

So today’s tip is how to create tight rolls that are flat and smooth.  The first way, of course, is to be careful when you are making the roll.  If you keep your paper perfectly straight on the tool you will have a perfectly smooth and flat roll at the end.  However, we are only human and you are bound to sometimes get your paper a little crooked while rolling.  But never fear, there is a SUPER simple way to get it back to being nice and flat!

All you have to do is take the end of a metal tool, or the flat end of a pen, marker, or other object, and press it onto your roll.  That’s it!  Of course I won’t leave you with a tip without photos to show you exactly what I mean, so here are 3 sets of photos for you.  The first photo in each set shows rolls that I made that were not perfect.  The second photo shows me using my metal slotted quilling tool to press down on the center.  The third photo shows the newly smooth and flat rolls!

How to make smooth flat tight rolls for paper quilled jewelry - Honey's Quilling

If you are trying to flatten a very large tight roll, first try pressing down with your finger flat on the roll.  If that doesn’t work as well as you’d like, use a larger flat object and smooth over the roll while pressing firmly but gently.

How to make smooth flat tight rolls for paper quilled jewelry - Honey's Quilling

Sometimes you will get a roll that just will not flatten perfectly.  Perhaps there was too much of a mess-up in the middle and the paper then got smashed rather than pushed back into its proper place.  Sometimes you have no choice but to start over!

How to make smooth flat tight rolls for paper quilled jewelry - Honey's Quilling



I know this was a very simple tip, but sometimes it is those simple ones that can be most helpful!


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