Anyone who sees my work on a constant basis knows that I don’t make a lot of greeting cards.  I usually prefer making more permanent paper quilling projects such as jewelry, frames, magnets, etc.  But for those special occasions when I can make a card for a friend or loved one, I enjoy making a paper quilling design for it.

Just a little disclaimer – I am not the most creative greeting card maker, as it is not something I do all the time.  I only strive to make something that the person will enjoy and that I will enjoy making.  There are countless other quilled cards out there that are more fully decorated with cute designs and embellishments.   I admire those considerably, but at the moment I manage to only  make simple ones myself 😉

paper quilled palm tree birthday card - Honey's Quilling


This time it was my Grampa’s 89th birthday.  Since he lives in a climate where it is pretty cold this time of year, I decided to send him a little warmth from Malaysia with this fun palm tree design.

paper quilled palm tree birthday card - Honey's Quilling


I used 1/16″ (narrow) width paper for the card.  It is a little trickier to work with such skinny paper, but I like it for cards that I will have to send in the mail since it makes them much less prone to crushing!

paper quilled palm tree birthday card - Honey's Quilling


I based the design off of this other little palm tree that I made to match my dinosaur patterns.  You can view the free tutorial for the palm tree here.  The fun accompanying dinosaur patterns can be found on Etsy.

paper quilled palm tree birthday card - Honey's Quilling

Sometimes when I am making handmade cards I’ll use some papers that I have around and cut and fold it to make a card.  But for this card I used a pre-cut card and matching envelope.  I honestly prefer using the pre-cut ones as it saves me time and I can be assured of straight edges!  Someday when I have a fancy cutting machine I’ll make my own, but for now I’ll stick to pre-cut when I want to make sure it looks good and fits the envelope perfectly.  You can find many precut blank cards (see some on Amazon and at Custom Quilling) in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some with fun cutouts in the middle like the one I used on this other card.

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