I love these paper quilling cluster earrings, which is a design that one of my sisters thought of and I brought to life.  It is fun, modern, and as usual can be made in all sorts of color combinations!  I’ve seen other quilling artists use this design (and spin offs of this design) over the past few years, so it caught on – a definite sign of a great fashion!  I made a new color recently, this lovely olive green that you see below, so I thought it was time for a roundup of all of the colors I have made so far, as well as a reminder that I have  a free tutorial for this style up on the blog disguised as a Christmas tutorial!

This new olive green pair can be found here in my Zibbet shop.
This is one of the smaller of these cluster designs.
This style makes such a cute rustling noise when you shake them.
This pair had four different shades of green!
deep red, deep green, and black made a nice combination!
There were three shades of blue in this pair – it reminded me of denim!
Here is the grey pair that started it all!
I use shimmery paper to make this rainbow pair!  The one I used is the glistening paper from Lake City Craft.  You can also use jewel tone paper from Quilled Creations, with slightly different colors (on Amazon or at Custom Quilling).  Of course, you can use regular paper strips as well in all sorts of color combos.  A nice bold rainbow would be awesome as well!   This pair can be bought here in my Zibbet shop, or you can request any colors you wish!
All you have to do to make amazing statement earrings is make a loooooooong cluster!  Classic black makes these awesome for a night out on the town!  These are for sale here in my Zibbet shop.
Here is my tutorial which shows how to make this type of earring.  You can make it with all of the marquis shapes, as I usually do, or you can use just circles, or teardrops, or a mix, do whatever you want!
Below you will find more of my collections, most with links to tutorials!

I hope you enjoyed seeing all of these fun paper quilling cluster earrings!  Which one is your favorite?  Have you made any cluster style earrings?

If you give one of these styles a try, I’d love to see it!  Share it and tag me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, etc.

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