I have been making some jewelry and taking some photos, now I just have to edit photos over the next few days so I can get some new posts up on the blog!

In the meantime, I just wanted to point out to those of you who frequent Pinterest (if you don’t, you need to get on board!) that I have some great quilling boards that you should be following!

First of all, I have a few community boards that I started.  This means that anyone who has been invited can also post to the board.  This creates a great collection of pins!  I have community boards for Paper Quilled Jewelry, Paper Quilling Tutorials, and Paper Quilling Storage.  Anyone can follow these boards, and anyone who I invite can also pin to these boards.  If you want to be invited to be a contributor to any of these boards, just let me know!  They are a great place to find inspiration.  There is another community board which I am part of, but I didn’t start.  It is called Quilling Ideas.

I also have some boards that showcase some of my own collections:

There is another board that I created, but it is not my stuff – it is other quilling things that I find beautiful and inspiration.  It is just called Quilling.  I didn’t make this a community board since it is really things that I particularly like.  The other boards that I made into community boards are more of a service, where anyone can find inspiration.  I also started a new board called Paper Quilling for Kids.  There is not much on it yet, but I hope to make that a nice collection as well!

If you are on Pinterest, be sure to follow me and/or some of my boards for some great quilling inspiration.  I have some other craft boards as well (plus homeschooling and vegan food boards, you can tell a lot about a person from their Pinterest boards!)

Sorry for the lack of a fun photo today – I am not using my own computer at the moment.  I’ll be back with awesome photos, new designs, reviews, tutorials, and more starting in a few  days!

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