It’s almost Chinese New Year once again!  This time of the year we in Malaysia enjoy the lovely gold and red decorations, lion dances, cherry blossoms, and more.  It’s a very festive time of the year!  This year, 2014, marks the Year of the Horse.

I was hoping to have time this week to come up with a horse design for a Chinese New Year greeting card.  Sadly this week I am very busy and cannot find the time to create a new pattern.  However, I’ve got the second best thing.  I’ve scoured the web to find paper quilled horse inspiration for you!   So enjoy these lovely paper quilled horses and perhaps they will inspire you to create a similar design, or your own unique one.  Click on each photo to go to the original artist’s page and see what other lovely projects they have.



2014 chinese new year of the horse paper quilled horse


chinese year of the horse 2014 paper quilled horse card


2014 year of the horse chinese new year paper quilled horse ideas


paper quilling horse design ideas for Chinese year of the horse


paper quilled horse

paper quilled horse card



Some of these designs are more simple, while others are more detailed.  If you are looking for a more simple design, I had another idea.  You can find a silhouette picture of a horse, print it out to the right size, and simply add some quilled decorations to it and put that on your card.  Simple, yet special!  If I do happen to find time this week I’d like to give that a try myself.  If you have made any greeting cards for this Year of the Horse, feel free to leave a link in the comments so everyone can come take a look!

Feel free to leave any comments or questions, and stick around to view some more great pages here!

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