Every quilling artist had his/her own favorite tools that they use on a daily basis and consider necessary. Here are mine!  (the tools in the photo above are my actual tools that I bought years ago, and still use.  Click here to read a post about each of them and why I use them).

  1. Slotted quilling tool – this is the most basic quilling tool and the one I use most often. I like the ones with longer handles that have a soft grip, as they are more comfortable to use.
    Slotted Tool Rubber Handled 301
  2. Needle tool – this multipurpose tool can be used to twirl paper with a very tiny center, to help get your coils in just the right place in a design, to apply glue in tiny places, lift up designs when they are kind of stuck to your work board, and much more. Wouldn’t be without it! Of course a toothpick can be used if you donor have one, but a needle tool is much skinner and longer.
    Needle Tool Rubber Handled 300
  3. Fine tip tweezers – I did without fine tip tweezers for many years. When I finally bought a pair I couldn’t believe what I had been missing! Finally it was SO easy to hold onto delicate shapes, place coils into a design, and more.
    Tweezers Bent Nose
  4. Circle sizing board – whether you make your own or purchase one, a circle sizing guide or board is necessary if you want all of your pieces to be the same size (all petals in a flower for example).
    Quilling Designer Board 169
  5. Cork workboard– when making quilled designs it is often necessary to pin the pieces down so that they dry in the right position. You can buy a special quilling cork board or just get any cork board from a craft or stationary shop. I have one from Lake City Craft that I have had for almost 18 years and it is still in excellent shape! Even if you don’t need to pin a thing you’ll need a place to rest your design, and a plastic covered workboard is the easiest!
    Quilling Workboard Cork 168

There are more tools and supplies that I use when quilling, but these are the top 5 that I use almost every single time I do any project. The only one in this list that I don’t use *every* time is the circle guide. Sometimes you don’t need any pieces that are *exactly* the same size. But I use it often enough that it is indispensable to me. 

What tools do you find that you reach for every single time you do your quilling?

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