So during this 3 1/2 week vacation I brought some of my quilling supplies as I planned to make a pendant for my sister and some magnets for my mom for a project.  My daughter and I also ended up making a Christmas card for my Grampa.

Here is a little peek of the work I’ve been up to.   Pardon the dim photos – I’m used to editing photos on my own mac computer and don’t have time to figure it out here (packing to leave tomorrow!), so these are unedited.

For this card my 7 year old daughter cut out a Christmas tree shape from green construction paper and we glued it to a card.  I added the star on the top and I used the beehive technique to make the garland.  I probably should have used a tackier glue so it’d dry quickly and not make the garland strip expand in some places, but it still looks neat.  I had a few tight rolled pieces that were leftover from other projects so we added those and then my daughter made all of the other ornaments.  We then made some tiny paper snowflakes (and other members of my family made some) and added them around.

Christmas tree paper quilled greeting card - Honey's Quilling


Here are the star magnets that I made for my mom for her project.  They don’t have the magnets glued on the back yet.  I used liquid matte sealant to make them stiff and then I coated them with Diamond Glaze for a shiny, hard, and water resistant topcoat.  I did the same for the stars seen in the top photo.  The pink/gold one is the pendant for my sister and the others I made for my mom’s magnets, but she wanted something more sun-like, so I made the below ones instead.

Nine pointed star paper quilled magnets - Honey's Quilling


I’ll be back in about a week with a new post (with hopefully better photos haha!)

In the meantime, I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season!


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