Yikes, I certainly didn’t mean to be absent from the blog for more than two weeks!  I have actually been very busy behind the scenes, I am working on a long post about using mod podge for your paper quilled jewelry.  I finally have all the physical work done, and the photos taken, now I just need to edit photos and finish writing the post!  Hopefully I can finish that in time to post in less than a week.

Green paisley paper quilled earrings by Honey's Quilling

In the meantime, here are some photos of a finished pair of earrings that I made.  I used Culture Pop papers to make these.  I don’t have all of the green shades of Culture Pop (yet!) but these worked together nicely.  Actually after I made it I realized that it kind of reminds of me of camouflage print.

Green paisley paper quilled earrings by Honey's Quilling

If you would like to know how to make the paisley shape for these earrings, you can get the tutorial here.   To make the circles I used the bamboo quilling needle forms that I got from Culture Pop in various widths and used various lengths of the different greens.

Green paisley paper quilled earrings by Honey's Quilling

To make these earrings nice and sturdy I first used Ceramcoat liquid sealer.  It soaks into the paper and makes it nice and sturdy.  Once that was dry I used Diamond Glaze which I had diluted with a little water so that it wouldn’t be too thick of a coat.  Actually you can see me using the Diamond Glaze on these earrings in this post about topcoats.

Green paisley paper quilled earrings by Honey's Quilling

Besides working on the mod podge post I have also been creating some new unique earring designs.  I look forward to sharing them with you all soon!  I’ll wait a few weeks until I have the whole series finished and a tutorial ready to go for you.  But rest assured, they are awesome!  It has actually been awhile since I have made a new unique design, it has been refreshing and fun to be creating again.

Green paisley paper quilled earrings by Honey's Quilling

As for this particular pair of green paisley earrings, you can find them for sale in my Zibbet shop here. I can also make them in any other color combo that you wish.

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