Several months ago I wrote a review of some of the quilling supplies from Let’s Quill On, a company in India who makes innovative quilling supplies.  They are great supplies and my daughter is still having fun making the projects and using the tools.

Since I’ve written the review, the company has launched several new products and projects, so I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you some of them!  I haven’t tried them out myself yet, but they look awesome!

Self Locking Tweezers

Locking tweezers from Let's Quill On

These tweezers look awesome for those times when you need to hold a couple pieces together and wait for the glue to dry!  This is something I don’t have yet in my quilling supplies, but definitely look to get in the future!

Tweezer Note:

Quill On now offers three types of tweezers – regular, fine tip, and the self-locking ones.  The ones that we received when we did our review were the regular ones.  The thing I LOVE about them is that they are NOT too pointy, so they are perfect for kids.  For myself I like fine tip tweezers, but my daughters also love using tweezers and it is SO much safer for them to use the regular, more blunt, tweezers.  If you have kids who love to quill, I 100% recommend getting the regular tweezers, not the fine tip.


Festive Delights Kit

This gorgeous new kit is so irresistible!  Perfect for making decorations for any Indian festival, or just to use as decorations any time.  It has everything you need to create these festive designs, and makes a great gift!

festive delights quilling kit from Let's Quill On


This kit is also available in the US on Amazon!

Metallic Edge Papers

I have used metallic edge papers from other companies for many years, but they can be hard to come by as only a couple companies make them.  Now you can get them from Let’s Quill On as well!  Available in silver edge, bronze edge, and gold edge!

metallic edge papers from Let's Quill On

Fine Tip Glue Bottle

It is essential to have a fine tip glue bottle when you are serious about quilling.  Sure, you can just put a small pool of glue on a plastic surface and use a toothpick to apply the glue, but you will end up wasting glue over time and it is more cumbersome and can be messy.  I can’t count how many times I stuck the side of my hand in my pile of glue before I started using a fine tip glue bottle!  And you can refill these as many times as you want!

fine tip glue bottle from Let's Quill On

Free Projects

Let’s Quill On is great at publishing fun quilling projects!  Have a browse at some of the new ones including this awesome 3D robot!

free quilling projects from Let's Quill On


Ultimate Border Buddy

Most quilling enthusiasts by now know about the Border Buddy, a quilling tool first sold by Quilled Creations.  Click here to read my tips on using the Border Buddy.  But check out this ultimate border buddy, it comes with 7 shapes to it, for more variety than ever!  This is great for all sorts of quilling projects.  Of course I’d mostly use it for making jewelry 😉



These are just a few of the multitude of fun supplies sold by Let’s Quill On.  Make sure to check out their project supplies as well.  They carry so many things to make into fun projects like rangolis, wooden boxes to decorate, sticker stones for extra decorating, jewelry supplies, and so much more!

I am a follower of the Let’s Quill On facebook page, and they update when they have new products.  The self-locking tweezers looked especially great, so I thought an update post would be handy with some of their new products!  I believe they have another very special product coming out very soon. I’ll let you know when that is out as well!

If you are not in India, don’t worry, you can still order from Let’s Quill On!  They ship all around the world.  They are currently upgrading their site to make it easier for international customers to pay. If you have any questions, just contact them through their website and they’ll help you out.  If you are in the US you can find a few of their more popular products here on Amazon.

*note* I am an affiliate for Let’s Quill On.  That means if you click on the links in this post and make a purchase, I get a small percentage, at no extra cost to you.  I was not paid or asked to write this post.