Today’s peacock earrings are just one of hopefully many more paper quilled paisley earrings coming.  There is just something about the paisley shape that I love and want to quill more of!  Something about those peacock colors too!

paper quilled paisley peacock earrings by Honey's Quilling

I first made this folded paisley shape about a year ago and then in April I published a premium tutorial for it.  You can click here for the tutorial and learn how to make this type of earring!  For the fill-in all I did differently was use several different colors instead of just one.  I used the transitioning technique (click here for a free tutorial in which I use this technique) to blend the three colors that I used inside the paisley shape.   I first learned about transitioning from Erin Curet from Little Circles.

paper quilled paisley peacock earrings by Honey's Quilling

To make these water resistant I used one of my usual favorite combos of Ceramcoat All Purpose Sealer, with Diamond Glaze as the topcoat.  I put on the first layer of Ceramcoat sealer while the pins are still in, to keep the shape.  To see all of my posts about different sealants and topcoats, click here.

paper quilled paisley peacock earrings by Honey's Quilling

Are you looking to buy this gorgeous pair of earrings, or a similar pair with different colors?  I make custom orders with any colors you wish!   The listing for these earrings can be found here in my Zibbet shop.

Read more about how I came up with this paisley shape design here in this post:

paper quilling paisley earrings with tutorial - Honey's Quilling


And read more about other peacock earrings and tutorials that I have designed in this post:

paper quilling peacock earring designs tutorial


I hope you enjoyed these paisley peacock earrings! Do you have some favorite color combos or styles that you just can’t get enough of making?

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